What do you wish your first name was?

I’m happy to stick with Jack, it’s good for any age. Wbu?

I was nearly called Cosmo and sometimes I think about how differently my life would have turned out if it was my name. My answer is Cosmo.


How come that was an option? That would have ruled.

Cosmo Funkhouser

Top tier naming




Wanted my name to be Bruce when I was younger. There was a guy on my road called Bruce and he had a cool dog and seemed to be doing well for himself.


My mum was at the dentist when she was pregnant with me and saw a crane outside the window that said ‘Comso Clarke Construction’ on it and thought it sounded cool but got talked out of it. Really disappointing tbh.


Quite like mine cause shortened it ends in X which is the coolest letter

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Anyone named Buddy?

Never met a Buddy, very cool name

Pretty happy with mine, but if it was Chancellor then I could be Chance The Rapper, which would be neat.

So maybe Chancellor, or Prime Minister. President.

Yeah, President for me.




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Another nearly was; Blue. The Eiffel 65 tune would’ve made childhood a relative hell but if I’d made it through to adulthood I may’ve been able to style it out.

I’m an Anthony. Same as my dad.
Mum loved Anthony for other family reasons on her side too.

She always wanted to call me Anthony or Ant. Dad was always insistant on Tony so I was called that. I think I would have preferred Ant as a kid.

I was also very nearly a Darren.

My best friend as a kid was Alex, was always a little jealous of that name.


Bolls to you

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Hate my name. Would take (pretty much) any other option.

I know a guy called Johannes who tells people it’s pronounced ’Your Highness’

So that’s… something

Quite liked Jo/Joey so maybe that.

Had it easy at the start though as not much a challenge to learn to write your name when there it’s 3 letters long. However still get plenty of name mistakes, dominos taking it to the extreme


This was me for a long time. I exclusively went by my surname for about 20 years because I hated my name.