What do your children think of your music?


My 13 yr old Autistic son just walked in the room when I was listening to the brilliant ‘Threads’ by Portishead.
His response…
What even is that?! That’s not a song that’s like some kind of spell!


My 5 year old son’s favourite artist is Sufjan :sunglasses:
He goes around singing Chicago a lot!
Also loves I Don’t Want To Let You Down by Sharon Van Etten


My kids hate everything I like on principle. Especially Ezra Furman. But they have a soft spot for Sweet Baboo. So we often have that in the car. I tend to make random playlists of 50/50 chart pop and my favourites so we can play them in the car and its fair. But they really hate Ezra Furman.


i’ve been making comp cd’s for my son since he was three (now 6), we’re up to edition 14 for his 7th birthday later this month. he’s now rifling through my collection and discovering stuff himself which is nice (and is an advantage of having a physical cd collection on the shelf), occasionally i’ll get “but how is that music” from him (which is generally a fair comment) but the only band that really seems to offend him that i listen to regularly (bizarrely enough) is The Ex