What does Britain Export?

I’m from the US of the Almighty, and all our exports come from tiny third world countries. I’ll tell you what I buy from your tiny, albeit kinda cool, little island: alcohol. I like Newcastle, mostly, and I’m certainly no stranger to Dewar’s, and so on. That’s all I can think of. Okay, an occasionally CD purchase.

But the UK probably has a vibrant export economy. If you were to educate a dufus American, you’d say, what?

*all our “imports” (too much of your national product, thank you very much)

I rate you 0/10 google skills

We will shortly be shifting to a jam- and marmalade-based economy.

  1. Vehicles. But obviously they need us to buy their cars more than we need them

Also, number 4 - Where are we getting gems and precious metals from?

Drunk, sunburnt tourists


yes, i recall seeing Newcastle Brown Ale advertised in the film “Taken 3” and feeling so ruddy gruddy proud of this nation’s exports!

Music website message boards.

High tech weapons systems. No questions asked.


This is basically the end of every British diplomatic or trade mission:



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World Stop Exports? Didn’t take you for a little, erm, Australianer

What is that? Was the top hit when I did the google

Oh, I see now. Was worried I’d linked to KKK.com accidentally

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Not that I visit that site, if it indeed is a site

Just thinking of an example of a website that I wouldn’t link to, I don’t even WANT to know what they think about exports


The British people are sick of exports!