What does Instagram think you’re interested in?

Fun game

This is mine:

Literally watched Castle once, when I was hungover in Portugal and it was on TV in English.

If I click to add more one of them is “buttercream”. Spot on lads, spot on.

Sharon Needles, Daddy Yankee and Jill Scott (never heard of any of them)
Chelsea FC (fuck off)
The Big Bang Theory

Has got some spot on…
Kenyan Hip Hop
‘football team’ (i do support ‘football team’ so this is a good shout)

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Kenyan Hip Hop is very specific

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Can’t argue with most of that, but oil painting at the top is absolutely baffling.

I don’t know what “loish” is and I’m not going to Google it to find out.

It’s not like I’m into kenyan hip-hop but I’m certainly interested in hearing some so it’s a win

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Thinks I’m a big Potter nerd hmm

Classic Scorpio (astrology)

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Quite good actually:

Songwriter :+1:

Illustrator :+1:

Converse (shoe company) :+1:

Brewers Association :+1:

Research :+1:

Psychedelic music :+1:

Mercedes-Benz :thinking:

Waves Audio :grinning:

LBB, Delhi - this makes no sense at all

Science fiction films :+1:

I don’t know what a lot of this stuff is.

You don’t know what a pencil is?

How do I click settings?

Chihuahua (state) has done me here

Wish I could make a Drake good/bad meme

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oh that one i know

At the bottom right

That just takes me to my profile

Nailed it, can’t get enough of cricket me

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Burger top right

Then settings bottom right

Who is mr Olympia?

Thank you