What does it mean if a vinyl is warped?


I keep reading about warped, and just this week I sold some vinyls on eBay and somebody has informed me the record they bought from me is warped. The record in question had never been played or left the sleeve in 20 years, so I don’t know if that is what caused it. What does warped mean and how can you tell when your record is indeed, warped?!


Its riding a skateboard with a backwards cap on


when it’s shape has become distorted, and so when it plays it will speed up and slow down


Thank you - I honestly had no idea.


it can happen due to heat, or if stored with other records on top of it


it means they should have just bought a CD


Seems to suggest on the internet that warped vinyls can be fixed?


It can be fixed, panes of glass and heavy books I think. Or possibly just heavy books. Ive got a couple of warp records which sound fine, so it’s not always a problem.

(it’s just vinyl BTW runs out of thread)





stick it in the oven


Is this a serious thread?

If so the use of the word “vinyl” needs to be made part of the English curriculum.


nah, language changes, vinyls is fine


Well yeh. or LPs.

But, if a v word is gonna get used, like…


It makes you feel a bit seasick to listen to. Kind of works with some records, horrible on others


makes everything sound like ‘loveless’ by My Bloody Valentine.


Talking of which, the Japancakes take on the album was a bold move.