What does it taste like?

A thread for asking what stuff tastes like that you have never tried

what does a pickled egg taste like?

What does okra taste like?

A bit like aubergine

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what does coleslaw taste like?

Vinegar and eggs. Delicious.

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I figured it couldn’t be just that as that’s rank



Slimy unless deep fried


I’ve always hated it but never tried it



things that put me off as a kid:

the name: sounds like cold and slaughter like just a really depressing name

the consistency: looked slimy and had chunks in it like sick

who ate it: adults ate it so it was probably disgusting like Brussel sprouts

I hated it as a kid but I love it now. Crunchy mayonnaisey delicious.

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Same! Love coleslaw on a jacket potato with cheese…mmm…

I don’t reeeeeaally know what mayonnaise tastes like either but I don’t like it in stuff

Bad coleslaw is really rough kind you. Especially when it’s too watery.

what does it taste of, is it kind of like an oniony salad taste?

It’s really good.

Not that oniony- just crunchy

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