What does ‘the TV’ mean?


Tried urban dictionary. Tried literally everything. What does it mean? You’re referring your partner presumably, but whaaaat’s going on!!




Off topic, but does the 06 in your name reference the year of your birth?

I don’t mean anything insulting by this, sorry if it reads as such, just interested.


“Thinly veiled” on accounts of how people used to post “Thinly veiled I have a boy/girlfriend thread” when people referenced their partners.

SIDENOTE: People posting incorrect answers when people ask about in-joke things on here is unkind


Probably that there are five more of him. Maybe more.


Are you in possession of a gun rack? And enough guns to necessitate owning a gun rack? That’s not very woke mate.


That’s probably the most laboured Wayne’s World reference I’ve ever seen on this website.


I’m not really up for chatting to a 12-year-old or someone pretending to be a 12-year-old, but all the best mate.


…your honour.



can we have a new badge, please?


Yeah and I’m not up for chatting to forum dwellers with ‘orrible avatars such as yrself. I’m going outside.


Oh right, I think this might be one of them.


Bye then. Hope it’s raining


not having this.


Well done, he’s 12


He might be 112

Your honour


“Joined 8 Sep '16”


Can we all just calm down boys. I know it’s been a long summer holiday and you’re probably all aching to get back to uni, but there’s no need to leap on me like this.


DEFINITELY one of them.


this thread didn’t go how i expected it to