What does this symbol mean on a weather forecast - AKA the The Rain Is Setting In thread


So rainy that I will have to swim to the shops tomorrow? Dunno.

We’ve had a very mild and dry winter so far up 'ere, today is the first miserable day of rain I can remember. I guess it won’t stop until at least the 11th of March now.

What are your weather hopes/coping strategies for these bleak months?


Isn’t that fog or mist?


Can this be real?


I think it’s forecasting the rapture.


A dead one of these


great thanks. now we can proceed to the jan/feb weather discussion segment of the thread


How can a man get to 47 years of age without knowing the fog/mist symbol on a weather forecast?


I feel like there’s scant justification to have increased the mean-ness of this post


Plague of worms.

Happens a lot in the north.