What does your alarm clock sound like?

Other than crippling loneliness
Mine sounds like this:

Please use as much detail as possible

It’s the default on on an Android phone

I usually wake up before it goes off so it only vibrates.

According to my app the average time it takes me to turn the alarm off is 9 seconds.

Are you just listening to it then?


use iPhone bedtime, and the sound ‘springtide’


Used to have ‘early riser’ which is the first one, but try to mix it up every few months. Nice sounds though, more of a slow rouse.

Every now and then I change the GF’s alarm tone to the weird hectic emergency tone. (FAO: things you do to annoy your partner thread)

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I have a silent alarm because due to my deafness I need it cranked which annoys the other members of my household. I use a vibrating fitbit alarm.

So it sounds like nothing.

Shaun fucking Keaveney, the cunt

Ride on time?


such a tune

That’s a VERY nice tune

Just seemed appropriate.

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Right? Genuinely think bedtime on the latest iOS and the new sounds that go with it are the best and most underrated improvement/addition to the iPhone for ages tbh

After 10 seconds it would start to make a noise but as I turn it off quickly I rarely near it. I just hear the vibrating.

Oh, no it must’ve existed before.

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click it and see all the threads tagged with it?

My girlfriend’s alarm is one of those lamp ones and then the sound of blackbirds chirping, gradually getting louder.

Mine is my old casio watch. 10 second steady bleep, followed by 10 seconds faster bleeping.

Thinly veiled “has a watch” post.

From Argos.

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It’s the Argon sound on my phone.