What does your computer home screen look like?

Can’t be doing with icons everywhere. Messy enough offscreen as it is. Work on a laptop with a 23" Monitor dual-screened so it’s this x2.

Still is from Studio Ghibli’s Arrietty, from one of their lockdown dumps last year:


Busted! 🙆 Laptop is relatively new so haven’t got round to tweaking the task bar. It’s kinda been left there as a reminded to have a browse through and see what it’s like compared to the last time I bothered looking months/years ago, but meh.

The important thing is that the task bar is in its proper position at the top of the screen, right? (Logic actually tells me it belongs on the left, but Windows doesn’t display it very well when you put it to the side, so having it there would be the work of a pervert.)

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I agree :wink:

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Have a big dumb stripe down the middle of the screen that looks really bad on colour but almost fine with black and white. Apple store said 400 to repair it, fuck off apple



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New work laptop - I haven’t bothered setting up the background beyond choosing a default that was less bright than Apple thought I’d want to use.

The desktop will gradually fill up with screenshots and other temporary files which get filed away to the bin every few months.

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