What does your work pay for?

In my last job they actually did buy me shoes cause they got sued for being a dangerous work place. I went out and bought the shoes and took money from the till. I was the only one who did that though people who didn’t do that didn’t get any shoes.

I’ll be muting this thread now because it won’t help my anxiety.

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Fuck all.

clothes, boots, safety gear, tools.

if i’m working abroad then all food / drink / accommodation / incidentals / entertainment etc

my soul

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A former company I worked for did similar for their Xmas party - an all expenses paid weekend in Prague. Ended up costing the company in excess of £30k once all the credit card bills and expense claims were totted up (this was 15 years ago, so factor upwards for inflation etc).

Six weeks later the workforce had been cut by 40%.

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OMG this literally happened to me once, except substitute Valencia for Malaga and Frankie and Bennys for something similar. They actually mentioned in the interview for this job what last years Christmas party was, the wily fuckers.

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i’ve recently got the following that work paid for:

  • 250 business cards (have no use for them at all)
  • flu jab (had it on friday)
  • eye test (need to book that actually)

don’t massively want or need any of these things, but if work are offering to pay for them i will have them tyvm

that is horrendous but I can imagine a former me being absolutely delighted at getting a sweet redundancy payout as a result of a free holiday.

I’ve got this great email from my ex boss to my friend that lists all the reasons they shouldn’t be sued. “We cooked you Christmas dinner two years in a row”

i think i’m busy that day, sorry guys

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I joined a place that took everyone to France for a ski trip. I was still on probation so didn’t qualify and still had to come into work. Following year? F**king Butlins.

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30% tax free as an expat in NL
All my public transport in and out of work
Mobile contract

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Washing your hair again?

That is a very good point. Just looking at the paperwork to do with my new position at work. As I’m no longer an employee I don’t get pension contributions any more. I wonder what will happen with childcare vouchers. :exploding_head:

Adobe CC subscription, and that’s it.

CILIP membership

That’s it

Subsidised visits to the zoo.

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Sometimes there are leftover sandwiches from meetings and we can help ourselves.


Loads, I’m locked in now. Mostly because of the lunches tbf.