What don't you know?

This is the thread for things you don’t know

I don’t know about “the economy”


How does the Internet go in a phone line, I don’t get it

Also how do TV pictures fly through the air

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Politics/economy/why any of the wars in the last 100 years really began/how planes fly

Any space in this thread for things we do know @ma0sm?


Thanks. It’s not applicable to me, just thought other users might want to know.

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The way to San Jose

The troubles you’ve seen

I don’t know how we managed to a) land on the moon, and b) take off from the moon and return safely to the earth. If you look at the constructions put up to launch a rocket, and think about the detailed physics involved with leaving the planet, how did they set that up again on the moon when there was only a few of them?

Maybe I should read some books on it, but from my ill informed position, I can understand why people might buy into conspiracy theories.

It’s just south of San Francisco. HTH.

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Can’t hurt you

Science book
French I took


The gravity on the Moon is about 17% what it is on the Earth and has no atmosphere. A mid sized rocket on a strong cardboard box would get you in orbit of the moon.

What I really really impressive about the moon landing and that era of space flight was that they did (all? most?) the insane calculations by hand. And I suppose it’s not just that (and I think this is something First Man really puts across), but that there were so few accidents in it. To elimate almost all human error from something so complex is really something else.


Anything about Game of Thrones. Or Star Wars.

The water cycle.

I know it’s science orthodoxy and you learn it in school when you’re 6 years old but I wouldn’t bet against it being bollocks.


How credit cards work. I think this could be rectified by 20mins research

The dial essential cranks up the power.

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Magic it is

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