What exactly is a Haptic Suit for? and are they any good yet?

or are they just for pervs like Elon?
I was mightily impressed by my sons’ oculus and some of the augmented and Virtual reality (although I did not like hanging out in this sort of zero G hangout/gym, there seemed to be lots of young people in there and it didn’t feel ‘right’)

No idea sorry Creaky, I’m still using a PS3, so I probably won’t get around to this till 2029

I dunno if consider level suits would be any good. Haptic feedback on co trillers is still fairly primative so can’t imagine a suit being much better.

Not many games will support them either

A haptic fleshlight, now that’s whassup

Aren’t the haptic triggers on the PS5 being seen as a bit of a gamechanger?

The rumble is way better - it has a texture to it by employing speakers that pick up low frequency sounds rather than motors - think of it as a refined HD rumble on the Switch. Its way more nuanced - the triggers are resistive - they add more resistance to certain acts.