What Facebook thinks you like


For the chumps who have given in to being on Facebook-

If you go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences it gives you all the things Facebook thinks you like and uses to choose adverts. Most of them are really weird.

It thinks I like exorcism, rituals, miracles, lasers, perfection, ruins and “cosmopolitan distribution”. For food I only like water and grapes. Therefore Facebook thinks I have mystical powers. My friend found he just had the word mammal and some animals like bats and chickens.


Interesting how these things for individuals are so so wrong, but en masse, so right.

Can’t get my head round stuff like that #freaksmynut


They’ve largely nailed it in fairness to them (Randy Marsh aside (!?))


I like Hell and Poetry, apparently.


Correct on two out of eight. Someone needs to get fired over the “sports” suggestion, though.


I just found that if you click on each interest you can see examples of ads targeted to that word.


fucking do love “television programme” to be fair


Education: surface runoff
Food: lemon
Hobbies: lonesome George


aight then


TBF it’s got me pretty good in most areas, apart from thinking I like Mumsnet (I guess because I’m a married woman in her twenties). Explains all the ads I get for Clearblue pregnancy tests and playgroups.


I got fucking cycling weekly because of you chumps.


I’ve just deleted all of mine- will check back at some time in the future to see what it thinks I like now.


it thinks i like aluminium.



Ha Ha! Everybody knows you HATE aluminium. Stupid Facebook!


“rituals, miracles, lasers, perfection, ruins” sounds like something from a Borges story.


Apparently I like “wax” and “mile”.


think it thinks i’m some sort of pound-shop rapper


Hobbies and activities :’)


There’s def some cause and effect there.