What films are you watching? April 2024 📽 🎞 📽

let’s get it rollin’

March: 18 total, 6 of which were shorts

Best: Glass (short), The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Knight of Fortune (short), Certain Women, Memories of Murder, Perfect Days

Worst: Saltburn by a country mile

best: zone of interest, anatomy of a fall
worst: lift
movie moment of the month - “who taught you shapes” in nu-roadhouse maybe. or that austerlitz sequence in napoleon. or the matthew modine disguise montage in married to the mob

also rewatched inside man (still bangs) and 2023 dungeons and dragons (fun!)



Watched: 9 new to me, 6 rewatches
Best: Immaculate, Amadeus
Worst: LOLA

Robocop and Starship Troopers are better watched on a big screen, who knew!

Blazin Saddles and Escape from New York both as great as they ever were

MASH and Time Bandits both still good fun and worth watching but with flaws I didn’t see last time round

MMOTM was clearly Sydney Screamy absolutely tearing it up in that scene in Immaculate


My Movie Moment of the Month was “Who abandoned Snoopy in the vestibule?”

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Very great sequence


My Movie Moment of the Month was when the new Beatles song was used as a plot device in Argylle despite it being released way after the timeframe of that film suggests

Watched 39.

Best: Dune Part Two, The Taste of Things, Perfect Days, Full Time
Worst: Dashcam

Best from the past: Ramrod (1947), Black Tuesday (1954)

I am also nominating the last five minutes of Immaculate as Movie Moment of the Month.

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I saw some fantastic films in March to be fair. Great movie month.

mmotm: not sure. will have a think

I’ve booked Row C of the IMAX for Dune this afternoon. Am I going to lose my hearing?

Yeah, its gonna fuckin’ rule for you

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Depends. Are you also going to see Sunn0))) at the Barbican this evening?

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Manches’ March Madness

(in chronological order)

  1. Judas and the Black Messiah
  2. Apostasy
  3. In Bruges
  4. Infinite Storm
  5. The Fabelmans
  6. Northern Comfort
  7. Spaceman
  8. The Railway Station Man
  9. We Live in Public
  10. Only Lovers Left Alive
  11. Inmaculate
  12. The Beautiful Game
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imagining @roastthemonaspit walking out enthusiastically praising Sunn O)))'s new acoustic direction

Cat Person is an absolutely dreadful film. Hated it so much

also last ones saw

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead - don’t need to say much about it, just look at the director and cast and you know its gonna be a cracker. very good

50 First Dates - surprisingly alright. probably extremely creepy if delving into it properly but its a Sandler romcom, its fine for what it was.

Hidden - the one by the Stranger Things guys. very A Quiet Place in parts but was a nicely slick 80 minute thriller. annoying kid

One to add to your German film list and similar to Das Experiment as recommended by @TKC would be the forgotten gem that is The Wave (2008). Its based on a real life experiment that was actually more effective than what is shown in this ‘dramatised’ version and is a great primer for the methods used for current politics. Scary & thought provoking.


Oooo thanks! :+1: