What films are you watching? July 2024 📽️🎬📽️

I guess it’s my turn…


Hoard 2023
If the performances from Saura Lightfoot-Leon and Hayley Squires (I, Daniel Blake) aren’t enough…

How about the subtle use of the tinfoil that the mum obsesses in getting from her daughter’s lunch box each day.

Or the unique ways of eating popping candy.
Or the wrong way to eat shepherds pie.
Or killer beats from a homeless man’s drum.

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June is so shit:

My Movie Moment of the Month was the wonderful dawning realisation that “The Watchers” is what happens if you grow up as a child with M. Night Shyamalan being responsible for your bedtime stories.

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not watched much this month because euros

best: furiosa
worst: bodies bodies bodies

not sure what my movie moment of the month was, sorry. maybe rusty crowe bumbling around a supermarket in land of bad?

Another barely watched anything

the watchers is such a mess :smiley:

Kind of endearingly so but yeah, bad film

Also haven’t watched a single film since the Euros started

MMOTM - Matthew Wright turning up as a talking head on the Sparklehorse documentary.

MMOTM was when Land of Bad intercut some tense scenes with Russell Crowe in a supermarket trying to buy vegan cheese

Best film: Baby Assassins (Godzilla Minus One a rewatch so ineligible for this award)

Worst film: Mermaid Legend. Not absolutely terrible, but the twenty minutes of deranged carnage at the end wasn’t enough to make up for all the dodgy exploitation stuff in the middle.

MMOTM: the final fight sequence in Baby Assasins. Saori Izawa needs to be a superstar like now.

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June bests:

The Beast
Green Border

MMsotM: walking out of both of those films and thinking: holy shit! and wandering around in a massive daze for a few minutes afterwards

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Is Kinds of Kindness worth 3 hours of sitting in the cinema for?
I do like the Lanthimos films except Poor Things and willing to take a punt that it was down mainly to source material.

  • Yes
  • No
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Bodies Bodies Bodies

Rachel Sennott is so good in this. The Gen Z satire was a bit too overdone towards the end but this was a very silly slasher/whodunnit/farce. Super silly and a bit drawn out without enough tension, i didn’t really care who the killer was but it was a lot of fun and I liked the cast a lot.


The first one of the three shorts is as good as anything he’s done IMO. Worth it for that alone. The other two have their moments

Society of the Snow is very good and has possibly the most traumatic plane crash scene I have ever laid eyes on.


Gave up on The Watchers after 30 minutes, which is not something I do very often when watching films…

You gave up while it was still somewhat intriguing!

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Really liked the new Quiet Place. A simple story, two fantastic leads, the best screen cat of all time, no franchise bait, done in 90 minutes.


Bye Bye Tiberias is lovely and very very sad.


The Devil Wears Prada is a textbook case of “really not for me”. I probably would have enjoyed watching it with my sister and/or mum.

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