What films are you watching? June 2024 📽 🎞 📽

(I’d like to go and see it tbf, perhaps I shall)


Almost Famous - “I AM A GOLDEN GOD”

I saw it at the very nice Barbican cinema which is £6 on Mondays, if this info is useful.

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Went to The Castle in Homerton a couple of times on Mon which was £5 also. I need to not be as stubborn when it comes to “Unlimited Card” really

Screen 1 of the Castle is ace. I miss living near it.

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The castle is great aye. Not been in ages but didnt realise they did 5 quid monday. Love how dark it is in there, until you need to get up to go for a piss. Pure perilous.


Total: 19

Best: Angel’s Egg, Challengers, Rashomon, La Chimera, Corpo Celeste, Mikey and Nicky, Mad Max 2 (rw), Furiosa, City of God (rw), Trainspotting

Worst: Weathering With You

MMOTM: Renton crawling out the toilet in Trainspotting or any of the dance scenes in City of God.

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woah, first Trainspotting watch? still hits pretty well even now then?

A lot of films I know are going to be good I try to wait until the right moment to see them so I can fully appreciate them. A very good film but the fact I saw it knowing about a lot of the really Iconic scenes (the baby crawling on the ceiling) probably took the edge off slightly but still a very good film.

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I do the same, like when I put off watching Blue Velvet until it was getting a cinema showing, got really excited to finally see it, then fell asleep for 20 mins in the middle after drinking before the screening lol


Basically it’s been a month of ‘monsters’ listening to music…

Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person (2024)
Listening to vinyl with a suitor looking to drain your blood

Sasquatch Sunset (2024)
Finding solace within 80s synth pop.

[edit] changed the Sasquatch Sunset comment & pic to prevent mild spoilers.

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mmotm : when Oppenheimer reads the ‘now I become death’ bit in Sanskrit whilst having sex


i just got a free ticket to see viggo mortensen’s new film starring vicky kreips on monday using this random website - seems legit though!

A bumper 46 films in May.

Best: Furiosa
Best from previous years: Abandon Ship! (1957) - Based on a true story of a captain of an overcrowded lifeboat who has to decide who lives and who dies. Doesn’t pull any punches.

Worst: The most disappointing was The Delinquents which was far too long and aimless for my tastes. Actual worst film was Laboratory (1981), possibly the cheapest and incoherently boring film I’ve seen for a good while.

Movie Moment of the Month: Challengers - Zendaya walks on to the tennis court with the Trent Reznor score pumping, as hot as all hell and causing the watching spectators to drool over her like Tex Avery wolves.

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Best - finally watched three Ozu films last month, after years of prevarication. All astounding, one of those was the best, let’s say … Late Spring, of the three, because it had my MMOTM, the Noh scene (why couldn’t all the music be like that).

One of the few times where reading about why they are supposed to be good made me actually see why they were good, and excited to watch them. Feels a bit like a basic ‘serious film guy’ thing to be so impressed, but there we go. They are very good camera angles etc.

Tokyo Story spoilers, for the film and life in general:

Any other month it probably would have been Dune 2 at the imax (first time!). It was - unsurprisingly - quite the experience, to the point where I’m not even sure if the film was any good or not.


best: in the mood for love
worst: the miracle club
movie moment of the month: seeing where all the nic cage memes come from in vampire’s kiss

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Spot the theme.

MMOTM runners up: parent Godzilla knitting a trans flag blanket after their daughter comes out, the bit where a Parco security guard chucks a kid off the roof of the Parco department store in a film that was produced as a promotional tool for Parco, Godzilla smashing up a hospital after the patients thought the danger had passed.

But there can only be one winner. From A Better Tomorrow, the coolest man alive lighting a cigarette with a $100 note


Watch Make Way For Tomorrow

Yeah why not. Still got an awful lot of Ozu to get through first though!

Its the orig Tokyo Story