What films are you watching? June 2024 📽 🎞 📽

Evergreen post.


Nice shout, cheers!

a film about an undercover ‘cop’ sleeping with someone whilst pretending to be someone else is possibly the most tone deaf idea for a film ever, can’t believe it was made in 2024 tbh. just thought the whole premise was shit/annoying, didn’t we just have another Fletch film last year?!

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Who said I didnt watch it with a crowd on Netflix?

Decent point tbf

Three more Godzilla movies in my quest to see them all before the end of the year….Mothra Vs Godzilla was good old fashioned Showa era fun, and much better than its execrable predecessor King Kong Vs Godzilla. A rewatch of Godzilla Minus One reiterated that it’s a modern classic, and then I dipped into the Heisei era with Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah, which was absolutely insane and not necessarily in a good way. Time travel, evil humans from the future, nuclear bombs, a Terminator rip off and Mecha Ghidorah meant I was never bored, if not exactly entertained.

Away from the big lizards I’ve watched a couple of movies in JFF online film festival.

Single 8 is a sweet little story about some Star Wars obsessed school kids trying to make their own 8mm version in 1978. Probably doesn’t need to be two hours long, but it’s just about charming enough to get away with it, and the directors own 8mm home movies in the credits are a nice touch.

Baby Assassins, where two young girls leave high school and share their first flat together. They go to interviews for terrible service jobs, they play Nintendo on the sofa, eat combini food, and they are also highly skilled assassins who leave a trail of bodies sprawling across the film. The mix of ultra violence and comedy works surprisingly well (the transition between the two in the final maid cafe scene is brilliant) and the chemistry between the two leads sells this one. It’s sometimes a bit too broad but there are genuine laugh out loud moments allied to some excellent fight choreography. Lots of fun.


Nightmare on Elm St 1, 2, and 3
Silly/awful/not bad (apart from the acting)


A Quiet Place
quiet, not bad i guess, krasinski casting himself as a heroic all round great guy - NO WAY!

Don’t really know what the format is in these threads, this is just what I’ve this last week or whatever. Was going to watch all Elm Streets but i dont think i can subject myself to it.


Anything you watch over the month really! Any views on any films welcomed

I hope you loved the credit sequence song in Elm 3 though …


Wes Craven’s New Nightmare is worth a look if you’re ok with the meta stuff


I started doing this. Gave up. 3 is my fave

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Couple of things watched on Mubi

The Delinquents (recent Argentine movie, not the late 80s Kylie one).

I enjoyed the setup of this - an understated heist with undramatic but relatable consequences. It lost me a bit in the second half, where it spent a lot of time on a thread that seemed ultimately inconsequential. That also meant that the story ended up feeling rushed for one of the main characters, which shouldn’t happen in a 3 hour movie. Lovely cinematography though.

In The Basement

Austrian documentary showing with a dispassionate eye what people get up to in their basements. Lots of static centre-frame shots showing exactly the kinds of things you’d expect to see in a documentary like this. I found parts of it interesting but, given it doesn’t engage directly with most of its subjects, it dwelled on some of them for too long. There’s only so much time I want to spend in the company of a guy drinking with buddies in his Nazi memoribilia den, for example.

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The Masque Of The Red Death (All4)

Roger Corman adaptation of the Poe story, with Vincent Price on magnificent form as the rather unpleasant Prince Prospero. Feels a bit muddled with subplots (which I’ve just read were inserted from other stories), and some aspects are ‘of their time’, but the performances and design carry it through. Really striking use of colour throughout.


The 13th Warrior (1999)

A film out of place and time. It’s a historical fantasy flick based on a Crichton rewrite of Beowulf from the 70s, and (initially) directed by a beloved action movie guru who never really escaped the 80s. It’s a real oddity; the whole thing is shot on location with what must have been enormously expensive sets and huge insurance costs, but the cinematography is extremely spotty and the majority of the action scenes are filmed in almost total darkness but for flickering fires. Antonio Banderas has been cast as an Arab (???), Omar Sharif has no idea what he’s doing here and Brit character actors par excellence Clive Russel and Tony Curran fling themselves about in the mud and do silly Norse accents. The whole thing is nuts and it’s obvious everyone is winging it and half the film is straight-up obvious reshoots. It’s incredible to think by the time this film limped into the cinema, Peter Jackson was filming Fellowship Of The Ring.

And yet… it’s kind of charming, for all of the confounding choices and fuck-ups.


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Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes - Have a soft spot for this franchise even if the plot of every film is basically the same and if you questioned the rationale for a moment you would get yourself in knots but just very enjoyable stuff to watch on a big screen.

They Cloned Tyrone - Really strong first half but it really fizzled out for me and found myself quite bored by the end.


Gone rogue and started watching a horror film before I start my day.

Talk To Me

Thought this was decent. Exactly what I was expecting really, and a nice surprise that it was an Australian film. Thought it was a good cast (apart from the American dad who is genuinely american but sounded really fake)


I watched The Spy Who Came in From The Cold on a whim at the weekend. Cracking film, that. One of the all time downer endings. I definitely prefer spy films when it’s just grubby people in small rooms being lying shits and where no one ever really gets what they want to action spy movies. Just the squalid misery of the machine eating people alive for me please.

Any recs in that kind of vein appreciated


i finished watching another le carre (tv series, though) ‘a perfect spy’ from 1987 yesterday, the life of a spy from childhood on. love the two alec guiness le carre series, this is great too and it’s even more abject- sounds like it’d be right up your street, if you can find it- the first three episodes have disappeared from iplayer, ‘burnbox’ style!


I think this and the more recent Tinker, Tailor… adaptation are the only Le Carre things I’ve seen. I’m definitely planning on tracking down the rest. I’m sure I’ll find them sonewhere [taps nose]

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not a film, but The Sympathizer is good fun FFO permanently fed up spies


i wanted to like it a bit more given the raves it got from some places, but still very good and liked how brutal some moments were - no holding back!

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