What Films Are You Watching?- June Edition 🎞 📽 🎞

People posting in the May thread 4 days into June has pushed me over the edge, lads!

Only watched 7 films in May due to watching She Ra.
Best: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Robocop, Bob’s Burgers
Worst: Swiss Army Man

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I watched these films in May

And then yesterday I watched Men and Top Gun Maverick, one was great and the other one was shit

Really annoyed that I didn’t catch that week long run of Robocop in cinemas

First film of the month was The Handmaiden (2016, dir. Park Chan-Wook) which, despite being a huge fan of Park’s, I had put off watching for ages because I was worried about it being male gaze-y. Which it was, sort of. I definitely appreciate that Park didn’t direct the sex scenes but I still feel like the last shots felt a bit gratuitous, even though they made sense in context. I still thought it was a great film and I’m so excited for Decision to Leave.

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Men is rubbish


Correct, fucking awful



Always puts the Two and a Half Men theme in my head too

I can’t speak to that

Not seen Are, no good?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 05May
A Simple Plan :clap:
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon :raised_hands:
Everything Everywhere All at Once 16May👏
The Wall: Climb for Gold
Top Gun: Maverick 26May :raised_hands:
Crazy Rich Asians :clap:

C&P’d from notes

Crouching Tiger is always a treat
Tempted to rewatch Maverick at the IMAX

Just showed my niece (14) and nephew (almost 12) True Lies.

Not seen it in a long time. Probably a decade? Maybe 15 years.

Anyway…sort of still holds up, mostly. The biggest thing that sticks out is a lot of grim use of the word ‘bitch’ as I was already mentally prepared for the sub-24 muslims-are-terrorists playbook. The actual violence and swearing seemed way below what I had remembered too.

Is Men bad in all ways or is it just Alex Garland still hasn’t learned to write an ending?

Its technically very well made and looks great, Jessie Buckley is always fantastic and Kinnear is very committed. Its problem is inherent to a man trying to make a really unsubtle “all men are the same” point but doing so in a way that means his female lead is nothing but trauma personified and also is a genuine display of “virtue signalling” in a nauseating “see, I get it!” way


Ah yeah, that is poor. I mean I didn’t have huge hope from the trailer but equally trailers can be misleading (Joker was certainly a much better film than I had expected).

I actually enjoyed the first third but then the film absolutely shits its pants its only 90 minutes but it drags so much.

Reminded me of Ghost Stories actually


Men is to misogyny what don’t look up is to climate change


Yeah, good shout (although I’m more forgiving of Don’t Look Up I think)

I’d say I preferred men because I spent 30 minutes or so thinking it would be good. Don’t look up was obviously shit from the start and lasted far longer (streep and jonah Hill were quite funny though)