What Films Are You Watching? May 2023 🎞️ 🎥

Slacking off, damn Sopranos binge

Watched 10 in April - best Polite Society, worst Twilight New Moon. A bunch of solid 3/5s mainly

Off to see Return to Seoul tomorrow, excited for that. Been a while since I saw something off the back of just a trailer, having seen no other chat about it

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This was my April

As ever, I watched some great things, some good things, some ok things, some bad things and some dreadful things

2/5 for Moonstruck might be the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, ffs Ant


Couldn’t believe what I was seeing tbh. People LOVE that film and I was so up for loving it but it is unfortunately quite bad. Fuckin’ Green Book was probably a less offensive caricature of Italian Americans.

I think it was the combination of it being acerbic but also really broad caricatures. Either one of the two can work but the two together just felt mean-spirited to me.

Nic Cage - Dreadful in it
Cher - A bit all over the place (but hot as hell)
Olympia Dukakis - Really good, rescues the thing from being a complete disaster

Incredibly consistent month for 6/10s with a mild uptick at the end to cap it off.

Seeing Raging Bull for the first time in the cinema this afternoon. A lot is riding on it.

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It’s a 5/5 - maybe my fav Cage has ever been

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Does anyone else watch films almost exclusively at the cinema?

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I go through periods but also slack off majorly. Flatmate hates the cinema as well, so anything with them will be guaranteed home watch

Only logged 3 films in April but definitely watched more. Raging Bull was the best one, Dog Day Afternoon a close second


I used to pre-Covid. Still go loads when my partner can come with but when she’s away on work is when I rinse through them at home like there’s no tomorrow

best: joint security area, aguirre the wrath of god, steve jobs, the handmaiden

worst: operation fortune, trance


Remember being really taken with Steve Jobs, glad it holds up

sorkin directed by someone who isn’t sorkin is usually pretty good imo


Was away for the second half of the month so have lots of catching up to do on my weekly challenges.


Saw: Letterboxd says 20 but I went to a short film fest where some didn’t have Letterboxd pages so I couldn’t log them

Best of April: How to Blow Up a Pipeline, Godland, Quo Vadis, Aida?, The Big Lebowski, Charade, Whisper of the Heart, Powernapper’s Paradise (short film fest)

Worst: Nobody,

85 days left until Barbie Movie!

this was showing at my local film fest and I really wanted to see it but none of the screening times worked for me, going to wait until it’s on The Mubi

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Need to knock a star off Rye Lane

My April bests:

The Night of the 12th
One Fine Morning
After Yang
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)
Steve Jobs
Billy Elliot
Bergman Island

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Really need to start tracking my film viewing, my brain doesn’t seem to retain things very well.

Best April viewings: One Fine Morning, Polite Society, Evil Dead Rise

Best rewatch: Ratcatcher (this film really holds up!)

Most disappointing: Women Talking

Got way too sucked into tv and games in April. Very fortunate that I get to go to Cannes for work at the end of this month, so I am looking forward to hoovering up some quality films there


Yeah mostly. They’re just not as good when you watch them at home imo