What films are you watching? May 2024 📽 🎞 📽

new month, more films, onwards forever :chart_with_upwards_trend:

will actually get to the cinema more this month, April was kinda barren for me sadly. Still behind on Civil War and TSTF ™

Watched: 8 new
Rewatches: Jaws, To Live and Die in LA, They Live, Moneyball (what a run)
Best: A League of Their Own, Crimson Tide
Worst: Species (though was half asleep and drunk for most of it)

MMOTM - when Naomi Watts was following instructions from her dead son’s voice recording to build a sniper rifle to kill their neighbour and it was played out like a real conversation with the dead son saying stuff like ‘I know its a lot of money but no need to curse Mom’ and ‘not that right, the next one’ in Book of Henry


Total: 17

best: Dune pt 2, Roman Holiday, When Harry Met Sally, Before Sunset, The Worst Person in the World (rewatch), Love Lies Bleeding, PlayTime, Uncut Gems (rewatch)

worst: La La Land (didn’t find the music particularly memorable)

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Really enjoyed how good When Harry Met Sally was first time I saw it, assumed it would have aged badly (though still don’t agree with the basic message)


17 watched in April (all new to me).

Best: Io Capitano, The Teacher’s Lounge and Trenque Lauquen.
Worst: The trouble with Jessica and Wicked little letters.
MMOTM: The cinema whooping with delight at various points during Immaculate.

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best: on the waterfront
worst: madame web
my movie moment of the month: every single thing george c scott does in dr strangelove


penelope cruz not getting an oscar nom for ferrari is incredibly rude btw, hope someone got fired for that blunder

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MMOTM - Dev Patel training montage in Monkey Man soundtracked by hand drums and wolf whistles

(Also so so many things in To Live and Die in LA, though as a rewatch this feels unfair. But … young Grissom jumping over every bench he can, running along the escalator in the airport, the wrong way motorway chase scene, the needless full frontal … what a film)

Cruz should be the default for all awards until proven otherwise

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My Movie Moment of the Month was Denzel getting it right in the most emphatic way in Crimson Tide


My MMM was watching Spirited Away and Totoro with my little cousins after showing them the soot wisp I’m xstitching. They really liked them both


I didn’t see a lot but had quite a lot of movie momentS OTM

I want to play tennis tonight but I also want to see the sexy tennis film. This is a living nightmare


Civil war is probably a 1 star film - cause of some tense action. I thought about it so much though and gave it more stars.

I couldn’t really believe it wasn’t being bad on purpose. Like he actually used Andy Ngo and Helen Lewis in the production seriously and wasn’t doing that as a laugh or a funny self critique thing. I think there’s still time for Alex Garland to come out and say it’s bad on purpose and he’s not a loser but I think he spent less time thinking about the film than I did. I’ve kind of forgotten about it now though and never got round to seeing it again


Monkey Man and the First Omen have the same posters


Went to see That They May Face The Rising Sun the other night. It’s based on a John McGahern novel that I studied for A level English Lit. I remember very little about the book now other than the general vibe so I have no idea how close the adaptation is but I enjoyed it.

Picked the book up in a charity shop for my mum who’s taken an interest in it so maybe I’ll re-read it at some point after her. Might offer to go and see the film with her if she can’t convince my dad to go but I might not be down home for another few weeks.

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Three stars for The Heartbreak Kid has killed me there, mate

victim of expectation i think, would have liked it more if i went in cold. as it was, i was certain i’d love it and ended up really underwhelmed. sorry!

Never apologise to me for anything ever again in your life

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