What Films Are You Watching?- November 🎥🎞️🎥

Continuing my iPlayer horror season I finally watched Don’t Look Now, which I’d been meaning to watch for years because it is so critically acclaimed. A few years ago Time Out listed it as the greatest British film of all time.

Oh dear, another classic horror that I was meh about. I didn’t really follow it. There was a lot of dialogue in Italian I couldn’t follow. As for the famous sex scene, well, the combination of the music and Sutherland’s perm/tash combo just reminded me of a 70s porno and made me giggle - I’m not sure what it was supposed to add? And there wasn’t really any plot?

And I suppose I don’t find the concept of psychics very frightening or remotely convincing. Plus there was a load of Catholicism, as with The Omen and The Exorcist, and all that religious stuff just leaves me cold.

This maybe sounds like I just don’t like horror, which may be true although I loved Midsommar and adore The Thing, and really like the Babadook.


Maybe you just don’t like 70s films (the worst decade for culture)

Maybe, but only if you excluded anything directed by Scorsese, Coppola, Lucas or Allen which make up the majority of my favourite ever films.

comfortably the best decade for films


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How to Have Sex

Good film. Very well shot.
Didn’t love the ending and plus also, Skye! Fucking hell. There is someone who really needs to work on their vibe-reading skills.
The performances were nice and natural but, as mentioned, Mia McKenna-Bruce was exceptional. It’s probably a very obvious comparison which has been made loads but looking forward to seeing her and Florence Pugh probably playing sisters or something in a couple of years.

4.1 units of entertainment

The Killer

Was not expecting to enjoy this nearly as much as I did. Fucking excellent film.
Cannot wait to see it again.

Tilda Swinton absolutely brought it. SO good. Wish I didn’t know she was in it though, but she was on the thumbnail of the cinema website for the screening unfortunately. Oh well.
(I’ll spoiler the name just in case someone reads this and doesn’t know they’re in it)



Yeah. Not sure. Not quite as amazing as advertised. Loved the tone though. Was very on board with the absurdity. I did laugh quite a lot but I really wish the plot structure was more original. Do we have to hang films on the old: core of plot predicated on a lie, character A is about to confess to lie but gets interrupted / bottles it; lie gets exposed by character B; everyone hates character A; redemption ensues…?
The ‘adult’ characters should have had much smaller roles too imo, they were fucking horrible. Found the violence a bit iffy in one particular scene but it did kind of sync with the overall absurdity so I suppose it was ok. Could have done without it though.
The main cast were absolutely excellent. So likeable. Ayo Edebiri was superb. An absolute star.
Would make an excellent double bill with Theatre Camp I reckon.



This recurring plotline in stuff just keeps making me think of the bit in The 40-Year-Old Virgin where Seth Rogen says ‘I saw the movie Liar Liar, and the message was “DON’T lie”…and that was a smart movie’

LIFF day 5:

Mutt (dir. Vuk Lungulov-Klotz) was a bit trans-experience-by-numbers but it was impeccably shot, acted and put together for a directorial debut, would be interested to see what he does in the future. I also liked that it was set in New York but didn’t try to jam in all the Big Applesauce cliches and focused more on the day-to-day.

Just seen this and looked it up because I was wondering about the phone call from the English girl at the end and found it’s based on a documentary Hotel Coolgardie and the problem with sending barmaids to remote mining towns

judging by the trailer, looks like some shots have been basically totally recreated!

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I did see it was based on a story, didnt think it was a documentary though! Interesting companion piece maybe

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How To Have Sex - not sure I’d have gone to see this if I hadn’t had the Mubi ticket, but glad I did. Obviously tackles some serious subject matter - and handles it well - but it also takes time in the earlier sequences to show the characters in a warm and funny light, and they feel believable & 3-dimensional throughout.

Her headshake in the duty-free at the end is one of the most devastating gestures I’ve seen on film. Perfectly captures her struggle processing and naming what he did to her.

Went to the beach from recent DiS set text The Beach today cc: @TKC


looks amazing, watch out for locals forcing you to drink blood though, I assume thats what they all do based on that


Recently watched:

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor - This one gets a lot right. Just three characters in it and the actors do a good job of not being irritating for its duration.

Nice slow creepy found footage camera stuff rather than the constant running up and down corridors and stairs screaming that some bastard’s behind them. Probably a 7.5 but I’ll bump it up slightly as I haven’t seen a good found footage in a while. 8/10.

Hotel Splendide (1932) - Michael Powell short film at just over 50 minutes long. Fun comedy drama where a bloke inherits a shit hotel where some pearls have been buried. The guests are all a bit shifty and seem like they know more than they should. Enjoyed it. 7/10.

Infinity Pool - Brandon Cronenberg’s new one. I didn’t look up this before watching but knew it have favourable reviews. I won’t spoil the plot but came across as a Kafka-esque satire about Western tourist entitlement. Visual fun and enjoyed it although maybe slightly longer than it should have been at nearly two hours long. Mia Goth is finally in a horror that’s not shit. 6.5/10.

Beautiful. I’ve only read an article and Danny Boyle’s comments so this may not be the entire story but I’m glad that it has been saved after being trashed by irresponsible tours, etc.
Was your trip there comparatively expensive?

As in the trip to the beach? It was part of a tour of the other islands nearby so not particularly, but you are not allowed to swim in the water (there are rangers with whistles to stop you if you do) and you’re not encouraged to hang around too long.

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why you not allowed in thew water?! is that just to stop tourists ruining it all?

Yep, to protect the corals and blacktip sharks that have returned.

Quiz Lady is fine but it’s another comedy which seems to have decided not to be really that funny and I think we’re past the point where ‘accidentally taking drugs and hallucinating’ set pieces are needed

Today at LIFF:

Snowpiercer (2013, dir. Bong Joon-ho): Kinda messy? A fun mess?

Break the Game (dir. Jane M. Wagner): Interesting subject matter, not wild about the execution. I wish we knew more about Narcissa as a person other than she’s trans, sad and does Zelda speed runs