What Films Are You Watching?- November 🎥🎞️🎥

Recently watched:

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor - This one gets a lot right. Just three characters in it and the actors do a good job of not being irritating for its duration.

Nice slow creepy found footage camera stuff rather than the constant running up and down corridors and stairs screaming that some bastard’s behind them. Probably a 7.5 but I’ll bump it up slightly as I haven’t seen a good found footage in a while. 8/10.

Hotel Splendide (1932) - Michael Powell short film at just over 50 minutes long. Fun comedy drama where a bloke inherits a shit hotel where some pearls have been buried. The guests are all a bit shifty and seem like they know more than they should. Enjoyed it. 7/10.

Infinity Pool - Brandon Cronenberg’s new one. I didn’t look up this before watching but knew it have favourable reviews. I won’t spoil the plot but came across as a Kafka-esque satire about Western tourist entitlement. Visual fun and enjoyed it although maybe slightly longer than it should have been at nearly two hours long. Mia Goth is finally in a horror that’s not shit. 6.5/10.

Beautiful. I’ve only read an article and Danny Boyle’s comments so this may not be the entire story but I’m glad that it has been saved after being trashed by irresponsible tours, etc.
Was your trip there comparatively expensive?

As in the trip to the beach? It was part of a tour of the other islands nearby so not particularly, but you are not allowed to swim in the water (there are rangers with whistles to stop you if you do) and you’re not encouraged to hang around too long.

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why you not allowed in thew water?! is that just to stop tourists ruining it all?

Yep, to protect the corals and blacktip sharks that have returned.

Quiz Lady is fine but it’s another comedy which seems to have decided not to be really that funny and I think we’re past the point where ‘accidentally taking drugs and hallucinating’ set pieces are needed

Today at LIFF:

Snowpiercer (2013, dir. Bong Joon-ho): Kinda messy? A fun mess?

Break the Game (dir. Jane M. Wagner): Interesting subject matter, not wild about the execution. I wish we knew more about Narcissa as a person other than she’s trans, sad and does Zelda speed runs

The Innocent is proper good. goes through a lot of genres and nails them all.

Channel: Great! Action.

Film: San Andreas Mega Quake.

This movie is about some people and a machine that makes earthquakes. It must have cost between £100 and £120 to make.

The scipt and acting are well-meaning.


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LIFF film no 12 was The Queen of My Dreams, a Canadian film about a Pakistani-Canadian woman going to Pakistan for her dad’s funeral. It was really bright and funny but with a few gut punches. Needed a stronger ending but was a very good film overall.


Liff Film no. 13 was a petit dejeuner screening of Zazie dans le Metro (1960, dir. Louis Malle). A very strange but entertaining film about a 12 year old girl who goes to Paris to ride the Metro but can’t because they’re on strike so she goes off on a madcap adventure round Paris.


The first half or so of Dream Scenario is excellent then it completely loses its way. Has one of the worst plot devices I can remember in a long time in the last quarter. Another swing and miss from A24

Sounds up my street. I’ll have a look into this one.

Was that when Greg from succession shows up?

I have no idea who that is I’m afraid

Just someone who pops up in the part I think you’re talking about

The wristband

ahhh yeah it is, really really did not like that concept

the bit where it lost me originally was the fart bit - thought the film had been really well written and realistically done (well in the context of the film) till then then it just went south

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  • Anatomy of a Fall - 2023
    Dramatised court case. It’s a made for TV story that’s incredibly well acted and supported by masterful film making. The audience is very much the jury with the personalities, circumstance and family dynamic slowly unspooled. There are some odd choices with hand held shots and some of the courts decisions are clearly for heightened effect but its a creative presentation with an ability to keep you gripped throughout despite its basic setup, impressive. Slight warning there is a dog in distress at one point.

  • Killers of the Flower Moon - 2023
    True story of the blight opportunists have upon a family. It’s incredibly well made with a strong cast that’s well directed. Unfortunately the story left me cold as too much time is spent establishing the culprits lack of humanity undermining any tension or expectation of remorse within the third act. By the end, I knew too little about the victims, which becomes hypocritical when the final dialogue discusses a lack of accountability within one of the victims obituaries; this film attempts to right this wrong, yet undermines the victim’s credibility in doing so. It deserved a better balanced less reductive narrative.

Perfectly Fine

  • The Killer - 2023
    A killer attempts to protect his family. American Psycho without a funny charismatic central character. The majority of the film is the lead performing actions with superfluous monologue; the hypnotic flow only being interrupted by 2 scenes of dramatic tension and 2 action scenes. With no character arch, a basic narrative to follow and endless motion; I mostly found it boring, but Fincher is talented enough that the few scenes of merit saved it.

Anyone able to watch/find these?:

This Stolen Country Of Mine
We’re All Going To Die

All on my 2023 watchlist and technically released, but can’t find them to screen/stream/download legally or otherwise.

Think Subject had 1 screening at The Garden Cinema a few weeks back but was away.

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