What Films Are You Watching? - October

total films watched in September: 11

Best: Delicatessen, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter, The Cu Chi Tunnels, Hatching
Worst: Bodies Bodies Bodies, Don’t Worry Darling

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These are the films I watched in September


E.T. is good, isn’t it


Yeah. Its one of the best films in my opinion

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The Taking of Pelham 123 and Love & Basketball are also good

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I averaged out the year of those films for you, it’s 2007.

Pretty smart guy

We use the tools god gives us

Drills, hammers etc


37 Films in September:
Best - Playground
Worst - probably Killers from Outer Space, but I’m also really struggling with Blonde. If I was watching in a cinema I’d have walked out. It’s one of the most tediously inert things I’ve ever seen. Bela Tar movies have more zing.

Can see how a lot of the criticisms of Blonde that I’ve seen are totally justified, but I still found it to be pretty fantastic. Would have liked to have seen it on a big screen, thought it was visually incredible. And the central performance was so great, struggling to think of any films of a similar length where one actor takes on about 99% of the screen time like that.

Lot of comparisons to Mulholland Drive, but if it’s like any Lynch then it’s Fire Walk With Me imo (which I’ve read a lot of similar criticisms of its treatment of the main character, so if you have strong feelings on one, then they may well reflect your feelings of the other).


Got as far as the Norman Mailer bit in Blonde. Looked amazing but my God it was boring.

This 100%. I know there is a game to play with politicking and negotiating award nominations + wins, but she should at least be up for all the main ones. Got a feeling that it’s critical view of Hollywood and ‘fame’ will be to its detriment though.

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Blonde should be up for best actress, best cinematography, costume design and score at the Oscars.


Still didn’t like the film.


Recently watched:

Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made - A horror mockumentary from 2018. A lost horror film from the 1970s has been found and is supposed to be cursed and has apparently killed and messed up those that have watched.

Various horror buffs and film festival organisers talk about the film for the first ten minutes together with a documentary voice over. We then get to see the film and then another five or ten minutes of critiquing and dissecting from critics.

The film itself is merely ok but they get do manage a nice retro 1970s feel to it. The build up to it was decent but the meat of the whole film was average unfortunately. Good attempt but not successful. 5.5/10.

Clean - Adrien Brody is a bin man nicknamed Clean. He’s content with a quiet life whilst grieving the loss of his daughter and trying to forget his violent past. Inevitably something happens and he has to flick the switch to violent mode.

A nice slow build up and nice slick and occasionally brutal violence which is sometimes Oldboy-esque. An ok violent no brainer. 6/10.

The McPherson Tape - Found footage film set in the early 80s where a family in a secluded house in the woods are having a birthday party for a young girl. An uncle is filming it all. Then some aliens land nearby.

I’m a sucker for found footage films but thought this was weak. The grainy-ness of the 80s style footage didn’t add to the feel or the suspense but hindered it as often you couldn’t make out stuff happening. Often some torch light whilst exploring would be quickly shone in the woods to the exclamations of “What the hell is that!”. No idea as I couldn’t make out shit.

The finale was laughable and reminded me of some kids trick or treating. 2.5/10.

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Vortex didnt hit me as much as Amour but it was still pretty great

Athena (Netflix) 2/5
:fire: Such a tricky thing to judge… There is undeniable beauty in its brutality and choreographed carnage, but the ending is such a sad cop out and so detrimental to the whole thing. It eradicates any relevant social or political commentary with the implication of the vindication and separation of the police force from the inciting act of white supremacy and that these two areas are not inextricably interwoven in fundamental ways.

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (File) 1.5/5
:hocho: Sennott is the only bright spot in this rather pointless trudge. Didn’t find it funny, scary, tense or a worthy enough story to build a ‘who dun it’ around - just a group of poorly written annoying and unlikable characters all shot with such lacklustre lighting that it subtracts any emotion.

Night Of The Living Dead 4/5
:man_zombie: A breathtaking piece of work for its time with the racial undertones, social dynamics and hierarchical structures still keeping its relevance strong to this day. The crisp broad daylight element adds some impressionistic shadows that really help the tension along with some excellent music. Some of the acting and exposition can be a bit dry - through no real fault of its own as it is explaining the blueprints of what we later take as gospel in the genre.

Incantation (Netflix) 3/5
:ghost: Semi elegantly squishes found footage, demonic possession and ritualistic folk horror into something that is genuinely freaky at times. Sadly is a struggle to follow and rather repetitive leading it to be too long as it plays its hand one too many times. Reminded me of The Wailing at times.

The Return Of The Living Dead (Film 4) 3/5
:skull_and_crossbones: Knows its ‘mad as a box of frogs’ role and fully leans into it. Farcical throughout with some gnarly effects, hilarious line delivery that i’m hopeful was intentional and an ending so black that it has to be applauded.


My September favourites were…

E.T The Extra-Terrestrial
Pure class from top to bottom

Three Thousand Years of Longing
Lavish visual treat with two lovely performances

In Her Shoes
Cameron Diaz, Toni Colette and Shirley MacLaine make quite the dysfunctional family


Don’t Worry Darling
Liked it. Would completely collapse with 20 seconds of scrutiny but was interesting, lovely to look at and the themes were strong. Florence Pugh blew everyone else off the screen obviously. She is so great.

Wow. One of the first things I thought about when I woke up. Absolutely brutal. Not in a rush to watch it again but my goodness it was so powerful and brilliantly made.
Score was fucking outstanding. Reminded me a bit of Stephen Rennick’s Room stuff, all that melancholic beauty. Apt.

Thirteen Lives
Absolutely excellent. Finding it quite unusual to get enthusiastic about a Ron Howard film but here we are, this was fantastic. Very straightforward, no flash, everything underplayed. Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell were soooo good.
If you liked Sully then get on board!
Highly recommend.

Yeah, Athena should have been far far better. Not sure where it went wrong but it just didn’t work too well. Oddly watchable but just not very good.

Recently watched:

Three Extremes - Horror anthology. Three shorts: Fruit Chan’s Dumplings, Park Chan-wook’s Cut and Takashi Miike’s Box.

I’d seen Dumplings before somewhere. An aging actress eats dumplings which contains a special recipe that she hopes will rejuvenate her. Enjoyed revisiting this. 7.5/10.

Wanted to like Cut but it didn’t click with me. A crazy film extra kidnaps a film director and his wife and gives him a nasty ultimatum. Didn’t like it. 4/10.

Miike’s Box was fun. One of Miike’s subtler films. I won’t give away the plot but enjoyed this one. 7.5/10.

Overall 6⅓/10.

An Officer And A Gentleman - Hadn’t seen this before. Found it average despite it being more of a gritty drama than expected. I was expecting more a romantic/buddy film. Probably more buddy buddy stuff between Gere and Louis Gossett Jr. than Gere and his mate David Keith.

Reminded me of Grease a bit where David Keith and Lisa Blount could have been Kenickie and Rizzo. I was expecting more chemistry between Winger and Gere too. Average. 5.5/10.

Sissy - A nice revenge type social satire horror. An influencer bumps into an old school friend and is invited to a party. There’s some history between her and other woman.

Gets a nice delusional fairy-tale feel of the world viewed from the point of view of the influencer. Some good visuals too. Probably didn’t completely succeed but it’s good enough. 6.5/10.