What Films Are You Watching? 🎞️ September 2023 🎥

Put your chat about the art of the film below

Unsurprising given my busy august, but just got 5 watched. Gonna be a low scoring year!

TMNT - fine, pretty fun, looked amazing
River’s Edge - not sure it was good but definitely entertained
The Truman Show - still a huge banger. What a tiny part to give Giamatti!
Art College 1994 - very Linklater, very good
The Blackening - fine, wanted more from it

Gonna do much better this month (because we’ve finally finished The Sopranos)

Please don’t forget to post your Movie Moments of the Month for August

My #MovieMomentOfTheMonth was watching The Policeman with my 12 year old, Harry Styles obsessed niece and her parents (my sister and brother-in-law respectively) without any of us knowing quite how many fairly gratuitous sex scenes there are in it and really enjoying how mortified she was by it. Bad film!


It’s national cinema day tomorrow so celebrating with the most bang-average day of cinema experiences I possibly can: Blue Beetle with son in the afternoon and then The Equaliser 3 with the rest of the clan in the evening. I will probably need some weed.

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oh yeah. Might squeeze in a Jurassic Park

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The August Bests

Lady Vengeance
Paris Memories
The Father of My Children
Return to Seoul
Goodbye First Love
Theatre Camp
Things to Come

Going to watch Passages (2023) this evening at the cinema

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Total: 25

Best: But I’m a Cheerleader*, Nightcrawler*, Paprika*, A Woman Under the Influence, Shinjuku Boys, Porco Rosso*, Land of Silence and Darkness

Worst: Victoria

*= rewatch

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A mere 23 in August.

Best: The Eight Mountains, Barbie

Worst: Medusa Deluxe

Most Disappointing: Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One. Ultimately just too silly and nonsensical even within the world it has created for itself. More like a Fast & Furious film. Pretty sure I’ve already guessed the big plot twist at the end of the next movie.

Shameful that everyone is ignoring this

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Someone in Talk To Me having the same name as my mum’s cat


MMotM: the De La Soul needledrop in TMNT

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Fave -Talk to Me
Least fave - I Am Weekender


didn’t watch many, and most of them weren’t very good.

Please do not upset @shrewbie


The Eight Mountains - Really beautiful Italian epic that I wish I had seen on the big screen - think it is still playing on some cinemas if you’re lucky.

The Fabelmans- Zzzzz far too sickly sweet for my taste and went on forever. Nice cameo to end on, though.

A solo trip to the cinema before a night shift to watch entertaining comedy flick Theatre Camp in a pretty well-filled cinema screen on a Friday night and having a good old laugh and a chuckle along with other people