What Films Are You Watching? 🎞️ September 2023 🎥

Saw Past Lives earlier. Thought it was brilliant. Ooft, it’s got me thinking about past relationships. Really struggled to stifle my laughter when it was revealed that the husband’s book was called Boner. Nearly set myself off again when I remembered it later on during a serious scene.


Past Lives is very very good. Actually loved how long the camera just stayed on Nora and Hae Sung in the scenes they were together.


Did you like the original version of Part III?

I don’t mind it. I’ve never got the hatred for it, of course it isn’t as good as the first 2 but I can still watch it as part of the trilogy.

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Past Lives was lovely but how about that Grizzly Bear soundtrack ey??? Almost distractingly good.


Swimming with Sharks - 1994 - dvd

Quite disturbing, mainly cos of that ending. Cancelled man is good in this. Don’t want to see this again.

Lust, Caution

A beautifully made film but fuck that ending to hell!

Brutal. Watched it yesterday and woke up at 5am still angry.
Spoilers …. but if you’ve not seen it or can’t remember then basically she’s lured him into a trap so he can be assassinated by her friends but he bought her an absolutely massive diamond ring, she changes her mind and warns him. He escapes. She and her friends are later rounded up and executed. What??
It is slightly more complicated than that, but not much. Fucking hell.
It’s based on a short story which is commonly believed to be based on possible fact but seriously still fuck that ending!

Still a terrific film though.

3.9 Units of Entertainment rising to 4.3 once I’ve chilled a bit

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (Recorded off telly :tv:)
Slow and quite hypnotic drama about a young Buddhist which spans most of his life. Very good. Very slow.

Mrs Harris Goes to Paris (Cinema Paradiso :dvd:)
Turns out my love of Isabelle Huppert, Leslie Manville AND Anna Chancellor can only go so far. Perfectly watchable fluff, why on earth is it 2 hours long?

Return to Seoul (Mubi)
Beautifully shot but frustrating drama which has at its core a very unlikeable main character which wouldn’t as matter as much if it wasn’t for her bizarre life choices Arms dealer???. After this and Past Lives I am very keen to visit Seoul, though.

You Hurt my Feelings (Amazon Prime)
Engaging if uneven drama revolving around a writer/therapist couple having their own marital issues. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is obviously great.

Beginning (Mubi)
Brilliant slow burn about the fallout from a fire at a JW centre and the gradual unravelling of one of its missionaries. The ending is genuinely jaw dropping.

I wasn’t huge on this film either but my reading of her becoming an arms dealer was that it was showing how distanced she is from Korean culture. but I could be wrong, idk.

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Good film IMO, problematic but true-to-the-text ending as well for me

I didn’t think One Fine Morning was that great really.


it was very good at being a french film

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I find there something quite soulless about MHL’s stuff generally. I’m not sure how to word it properly but there seems something cynical, like she’s thinking ‘right, let’s add this part in to get people to feel sad’ rather than making films organically. I dunno. brb just going to see if Kermode will let me replace him

oh I also saw Dark Victory which I recorded off BBC4 which said something like ‘after finding out she only has a limited time to live, Bette Davis tries to cram as much into a summer as possible’ which isn’t what happens at all, bizarre


I went into The Batman with very low expectations. From reviews and did I need to see another gritty remake. With that baseline, I really quite like it.

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I’ve just come out of Past Lives and need to order a pint without looking like I’m about to cry. This could go either way.


Watched Ghosted on Apple TV+ last night. Given the reviews I was expecting trash and while it is trash, it’s very enjoyable trash. Ana de Armas and Chris Evans are a delight, even if it fails as both a romantic comedy and an action movie it’s very entertaining while it does so.

Bonkers decision to bring in Dexter Fletcher to direct but makes for a couple of very funky camera angles, some decent action set-pieces and some absolutely batshit needledrops. He’s the James Gunn of recurring Beatles motifs.

I also enjoyed Past Lives a lot. Loved the last 30mins or so.


Crimes of the Future (Cinema Paradiso :dvd:)

Absolute toilet, Cronenberg retire bitch.