What Films Are You Watching? 🎞️ September 2023 🎥

Really enjoyed how it just ended.

Production design was amazing though. He should just do that for someone else.


Genuinely had to read a synopsis to check if I missed something and…no.

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is it awful? keep wanting to watch it but i keep forgetting about it

As gunners says it looks great but its deathly boring and very silly.

I liked this film


Yeah total :toilet:

Was 99th place in the 103 films I watched from 2022.

Crimes of the Future was my FOTY 2022! Isn’t life interesting.

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Pray tell what the 4 worst were?

We’re All Going To The Worlds Fair
Bullet Train

Scream 1??

Scream 2022 I assume.

And that was in my top 3 of 2022!

Recently watched:

Scream VI - A bit too formulaic and there’s been a few self aware horrors for this one to somehow reinvent itself. A couple of ok kills. 5.5/10.

Motherly - Home invasion film. Didn’t really grip me at all. The lead Lora Burke was in Lifechanger which was a brilliant bittersweet horror. This one wasn’t good at all. 3.5/10.

Another Man’s Poison - Bette Davis is a smart and ruthless murder mystery writer. She gets into a fix and does what she has to to get out of it. Pretty simple but a very good British thriller. 7.5/10.

Love At First Sight - New crap rom-com on Netflix with decent cast of wasted talent including Haley Lu Richardson, Rob Delaney, Sally Philips, Jameela Jamil is some sort of modern fairy godmother and some bloke called Ben Hardy is Richardson’s love interest.

Set in London and has a pre-Christmas feel with a shit faux-indie soppy soundtrack. Only watched it as I like most stuff Haley Lu Richardson is in but this was shit. 3/10.

Knock At The Cabin - M Night Shyamalan’s one where Bastista and his mates knocks on the door of a couple and their little kid and explain why they’re there and what they’d like the family to do.

Watchable but didn’t really go anywhere…but did pass the time. Reminded me of I Trapped The Deveil. This one is a 7/10.

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Smoking Causes Coughing (Cinema Paradiso :dvd:)

Great fun French action film spoof, very surreal at times. Did feel a bit slight at 75 mins but may be a good case of less is more.


Pet Semitary - dvd (2019)

Total fucking rubbish

Last Night In Soho might be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen.


could not agree more

I really enjoyed El Conde but don’t understand how anyone who has ever heard any impressionist wouldn’t instantly guess what the “twist” is.

Past Lives: wonderful stuff. One of those films that contained some of the most beautiful scenes I think I’ve ever seen.

It was also nice to see and recognise spots in Seoul and New York from our 2022 pandemic-postponed holidays too - it’s weird how things like that can make you feel a little homesick even though you don’t live there.



Martha Plimpton and Jason Issacs play parents of a school shooting victim who have a meeting with the parents of the shooter (Reed Birney and Ann Dowd) to try to come to terms with what happened as well as making sense of it.

Claustrophobic to an almost uncomfortable degree (90% of the film is the 4 of them sat round a table talking), this may have worked better as a play rather than a feature, but Dowd and Plimpton are both fantastic.