What Films Are You Watching? 🎞️ September 2023 🎥

The King Of Comedy at the cinema was a real treat. Top 3 Scorsese for me


This film has probably got my favourite twist of all time when it turns out he’s actually funny


The French Connection - dvd

Good but not as good as Big

Thought Past Lives was really nice, even if it did get a bit… serious and weighty filmmaking in places for my tastes. The bit where he ruminates about her dreaming in a language he doesn’t know :melting_face:. But otherwise it looked amazing, the cast were all really good, I really felt the story, and it was almost exactly the right kind of length.

I watched A Woman Under The Influence for the first time yesterday. Brilliant. Never want to watch it again.


Dangerous Liaisons (1988) :tv:

Scenery chewing a-go-go but a great adaptation that doesn’t shy away from the nastiness of it - Malkovich you really are a shit.

Living (2022) :dvd:

Bill Nighy is dying and you’ll soon wish you were. A criminal waste of Patsy Ferran.




My September so far;

Past Lives 4/5 (Cinema)
:statue_of_liberty: Wasn’t fully feeling the wonder until the final act where all the previous work comes together in a truly magical rollercoaster of emotions. Some stellar writing and the handling of the boyfriend character was fresh and delicately handled.

They Cloned Tyrone 3/5 (Netflix)
:chains: Some strong highlights in style, lighting, costume and soundtrack, but found a lot to be rather jumbled with major pacing issues.

LOLA 4/5 (VOD)
:bulb: The production design and attention to detail (especially for an indie) are truly incredible and work wonders in rooting us in a time and place. A ‘lo-fi sci-fi time travel found footage collage’ ticks a lot of my boxes as does the irony of trying to avert a dystopian fascist filled future… I really liked this - Sam Barlow would LOVE IT.

King Kong 4/5 (1933) (iPlayer)
:gorilla: How is this not the hokiest looking thing imaginable? You could see it working out ok if they just had to deal with Kong alone, but to not only nail his movement, humanity and general characteristics, but to also do it for half a dozen other creatures and creepy crawlies is hugely impressive. It is amazing to see such ambition for spectacle and big ideas totally nailed nearly 100 years ago with projection, puppetry, design, paintings, stop motion, mirrors, miniatures and many more aspects all working seamlessly together to create legendary movie magic. Everything else in terms of representation with race, gender, colonialism and capitalism is awful.

Terminus 4/5 (Talking Pictures TV)
:steam_locomotive: What a wonderful peek into an almost (to my eyes) unrecognisable train station presumably near its peak just before motorway and airport ubiquity. The snapshots of these quintessentially British 60’s faces and fashion are all so fascinating and would make a great double bill with Cairo Station.

The Seventh Seal (YouTube) 4/5
:skull: Didn’t see it as an all time great, but wasn’t the best viewing experience with a few annoyingly unavoidable interruptions - would love an unbroken rewatch down the line in a cinema. Touches upon the biggest of questions possible and unlike 2001, Tree Of Life and Andrei Rublev it tries to answer them in a much smaller runtime. The looming presence of death throughout is such a great element and much funnier than expected.

Landscape With Invisible Hands (VOD) 1.5/5
:alien: Didn’t connect at all. Half baked ideas, a glacial feel, rather naff looking effects and a few dodgy performances didn’t help in making this feel like a rejected Black Mirror episode. Near the bottom of 2023 for me.

Kubrick By Kubrick (Sky Arts) 2.5/5
:movie_camera: Didn’t really learn anything new, but some nice footage and the thread of using iconic artefacts from his filmography as chapter markers was imaginative. Beyond excited to see Barry Lyndon at the cinema for the first time soon and hopefully catch Room 237 down the line.

The Pod Generation (VOD) 3.5/5
:egg: Watching this right after Landscape With Invisible Hands further highlighted how poor that was. This is so much better in every department and stating that the former would be a rejected episode of Black Mirror…this would easily be a standoud from the recent series. It only scratches the surface in some areas and could use a sneaky re-edit cutting out any reference to NFT’s however. Also I really don’t like to rag on performances, but Emilia Clarke is so jarring, off putting and would be so far down my list if I was in charge of casting.


will be renting this tonight!

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Its on BFI subscription soon

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Judgement at Nuremburg is on iPlayer, 3 hrs 10 that just flies by despite the tough subject matter. Just great performances

Sympathy for the Devil is a recent ‘Cage up to 100’ where he actually is doing his thing but its not annoying. Decent

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Recently watched:

Battling Butler - Posh stone face Buster Keaton accidentally is mistaken for a champion boxer. He goes along with it to impress his new girlfriend and then wife.

Might be one of his early ones where we didn’t get the full Keaton like in Seven Chances or Cops. Good but with not amongst his best. 6/10.

Elevator Game - Horror film that’s really shit. 1/10.

The Abominable Dr Phibes - Vincent Price hams it up well but it didn’t quite click with me. 6/10.

This Is Spinal Tap - Seen it many times but not for a few years. 11/10.

Evil Dead Rise - Another shit horror. Just too repetitive and dull. I can accept if it offers nothing new but it offered fuck all entertainment. 2/10.


The cold open deserves more than that on its own!

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Dunno if you’ve seen this, it’s really good.

I have a DVD from a Kubrick boxset I got many moons ago. Going to save it until I fully complete his filmography. Only 2 more to go.

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I had semi-high expectations for this…my quality control for films is fairly low as most know on here but that film was so poor.

I had either this or The Ones You Didn’t Burn as my horror that afternoon. I’ll watch that maybe in the next few days.

Bottoms starts off quite weak, really grows into itself then it has one of the most jarring and weird scenes I can remember seeing and loses its way completely. Very odd

Dumb Money is fine - Paul Dano lifts it from average but the portrayals of several people involved feel half-baked and a documentary probably would be more satisfying. Still don’t really understand how stonks work. 3 stars.

seems a much different film to what I expected

No Way Out - A thriller from the 80s with Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. I’d never heard of it, so that didn’t bode well, but it turned out to be a perfectly decent political thriller, and genuinely tense.

Gringo - Recentish (2018) comedy action about a hostage being taken in Mexico. David Oyelowo and Charlize Theron star. I thought it perfectly fine, silly, funny though reviews weren’t great.

Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Saw when it was released, so it was interesting viewing again. Some bits don’t hang together and seem like a sequence of one-liners, but really quite lovely in parts.

Going in Style - Morgan Freeman, Micheal Caine doing a servicable - ‘old people doing things as they aren’t over the hill’ film. There was a slew of these a while ago as they proved popular.

Run All Night - Liam Neeson in one of his post ‘Taken’ films where he has to dust off his knuckle dusters to protect his son from his ex boss. Again, no huge surprises and fine as something to be entertained by.

The Accountant - Slightly ridiculous premise. Ben Affleck is an autistic accountant who is also a trained killer! But once it got going I enjoyed it. Funny in parts, though some of that was probably my recognition of the traits.