What Films Are You Watching? 🎞️ September 2023 🎥

Chance to see one of two classics at the cinema which you’ve never seen before

  • Tokyo Story
  • All About My Mother
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and the mothers take it by storm! Booked in (and might see Talk to Her tomorrow too)

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Watched Judas and the Black Messiah. Excellent.


Past lives - great
Logan lucky - shite

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Gonna watch Phantom Menace tonight. Reckon i might fall asleep mid way if im lucky

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how dare you


Mint film

Tried to watch elemental. Managed half an hour. Total shit

All About My Mother was massively good. All the Didn’t even know P Cruz was in it, big bonus

Gonna make an Almodovar thread next week. Might be one of my fav directors, always forget that

That new Evil dead film was fairly crap. Scariest part was when a kid starts scratching with LCD sound systems Long goodbye album. Does he know how much that goes for on discogs!?

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I saw this years ago, would like to revisit as I remember liking it a lot, but I’m really hazy on the details now (except the final twist, which I definitely remember!)

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recently watched

Godzilla Vs Kong - two big fuck off monsters punch each other a lot, and then a robot version of one of them turns up. What cinema was invented for.

Evil Dead Rise - seems like I’m swimming against the tide here, but I thought it was alright. Not a patch on the Raimi movies but way better than the 2013 effort.

Summer Time Machine Blues - from the writer of Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes, which I absolutely loved. This is similar time travel twisty territory, but not quite as good - it’s about twenty minutes too long and the broad brush comedy is a bit wearing at times, but the central timey wimey shenanigans are a lot of fun. Well worth a watch if you enjoyed BTITM

The Deep House - haunted house movie, but the house is underwater. Daft, with a few decent moments

Survival Family - Everything electrical worldwide stops working, and we follow a family trying to get from Tokyo to Kagoshima. Shinobi Yaguchi’s movies are normally feel-good comedies (I would like to live in Wood Job!), but this is more of a drama, albeit one that retains his gentle humanist touch. A cosy catastrophe.

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First film I saw when cinemas reopened in 2021. In IMAX. Had the best time, the absolute best.


Have watched Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of Monsters this week. All varying levels of moderately entertaining. Quite excited to see Godzilla vs Kong now.

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I have booked to see Strange Way of Life on Monday. Excited!

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I spend about an hour trying to find something to watch on different streaming platforms, find maybe one thing every 6 months. Just not interested in like 99.999% of films. Never used to be like this.

Yeah. Sluggish start really but then ramps up. Genuinely tense. Know what you mean about end. Really whaaaat

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The Phantom Menace was rubbish

GvK > Skull Island >> Godzilla >>>>>>> Godzilla: KoM

first two could swap maybe


Kong: Skull Island is much better than the two Godzillas I have seen. Would rate the first Godzilla a lot higher if there was more Godzilla in it tbh.