What Films Are You Watching? - September 🎞 📽 🎞

fucking great film


It fucking rules, eh

“I’m trying to run a god damn railroad” etc

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haven’t seen it in years, think a rewatch sometime soon is needed.

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done, hope thats okay :slight_smile:

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ty for fixing it, makes it so much easier to find

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very intrigued by this

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i’d never seen the original top gun and jut watched this cos some people on here said it was good. was surprised at how blatantly military propaganda it all is


Official Competition is a very enjoyable romp.

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Annoyingly MUBI only subtitled about half the Japanese dialogue.

Michael Clayton was absolute class. Whatever happened to that guy?

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Michael Clayton? You know I gotta feeling he’s doing just fine…

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Did harry styles spit on chris pine?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

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the department of defense did “weave in key talking points” and lots of other things. the jacobin linked this article…
‘Top Gun: Maverick’ received assistance from Pentagon - Washington Business Journal (bizjournals.com)

I’m sick of him

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Recently watched:

How Green Was My Valley - John Ford directs a non-Western. Been on my long list for years. A brilliant film about a Welsh mining community, mainly concentrating on one family and their struggles.

Reminded me slightly of Meet Me in St Louis in its focus on one family. Wonderfully shot and a lot of funny moments.

Beat Citizen Kane to the Best Picture Oscar. Probably not that good but still very very good. 8.5/10.

Big Game - Samuel L Jackson is The US president whose plane is shot down over the forest in Finland. Luckily there’s a timid 13 year old boy who’s on alone on a traditional right of passage hunting trip to help him against the terrorists.

As silly and fun as it sounds. Rips off scenes from Indiana Jones’ and Die Hard 2 and as a short 90 minute action film it’s a good watch. 7/10.

Rise Of The Footsoldier Part 2 - Part two of blokes calling each other “Faacking C**ts” and punching each other.

Enjoyed it more than I thought I would have and I see that the third one leaves Netflix in the week and I’ll aim to watch it before then. 6.5/10.

The illusionist is a lovely, lovely thing


(the French animation, not the Ed Norton film)

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Alone on Netflix is boring as fuck

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On is proper sweet though, really nice stuff


13 Assassins (ITVHub) 3.5/5
:jp: Story is as thin as a a shoji paper door, but it still has enough about it. First half sets up the truly heinous heel of a villain and the last half properly rips him and his goons down. The direction, choreography and editing of the action in that sequence really brings it all alive. 13 is perhaps a few too many protagonists to fully develop in the allotted time, but it just about hangs together.

Below Zero (Talking Pictures TV) 3.5
:snowflake: They sure do wring just about as many jokes from one situation as humanly possible. A few absolute corkers in here.

Executive Decision (Netflix) 2.5/5
:airplane: Every second oozes pure 90’s. Segal, Leguizamo, short haired Halle, jingoistic hoorah, Scorpion Guns, war rooms, deeply questionable Arabic character, tech wiz. Fine enough with a few moments of tension and decent looking genuine practical effects.

Yojimbo (Blu-ray) 3.5/5
:japan: Got the general gist, but perhaps missed some minor intricacies of the story in the first half - all came together at the end though. Loved how architectural elements of the town are used in the cinematography along with some poetic framing of the back, middle and foreground. The jaunty music can be a bit overbearing at times though. Mifune is his usual captivating self as the master manipulator anti-Samurai and stirs the pot with gusto and glee.

Ford V Ferrari (Channel 4) 3.5/5
:racing_car: 100% unfiltered pure Dad cinema. Peak men in rooms and or cars talking about and doing men stuff. Has a super strong whiff of creative liberty and blurring history to tell a cinematic story about. The Damon / Bale accents are a bit off putting as I struggled to see them as their characters, but they kinda blended in after 30 minutes or so. Could pick large nits about dodgy CG cars, CG crowds and CG backgrounds that always took me out of it when all the genuine racing camerawork is frequently incredible, but that seems to be a standard thing in historical biopics these days. Solid Sunday afternoon fun and a smidge above Rush.

Stewart Lee Snowflake (BBC2) 4/5
:snowflake: Bounds ahead of 99% of everyone else. So much control, composure, purposeful excruciating moments (and jokes) as ever.

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (File) 4/5
:shell: Toy Story/Creature Comforts meets John Wilson/Nathan Fielder meets The Borrowers/Arrietty. Pure warm hearted joy and wide eyed wonder helping us see the world in a truly fresh perspective. The way it expands on the shorts and meshes in real life is exceptionally well done and the added budget adds a needed gloss. Remarkably well observed with a fantastic voice performance ranging from youthful exuberance to raw emotion. Would pair nicely with La Harve as both show a loving community coming together to help a family reunification that fill the heart.