What Films Are You Watching? - September 🎞 📽 🎞

More love than hate so far: 2 fans vs 1 curmudgeon.

JaguarPirate: “a very fun breezy caper”
Icarus-Smicarus: “Really enjoyed”

rustypiss: “grumble, grumble, grumble… but Saoirse Ronan is excellent though”

So a Rotten DISers score of 66%. =p


Its good. A 3 star film. Fun! Saoirse Ronan is amazing though, first time I’ve seen broader comedy from her and she was so good. She’s such a star

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she’s always great, big fan

Enjoyed his reviews.

I’ll never forgive him for trying to take over Stella Street though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Put some thoughts about Speak No Evil in the horror thread, probably not worth reading unless you’ve seen it or aren’t going to see it though, it’s spoilered. If you are going to see it it’s probably better not to research it too much.

I would say that it depicts pretty distressing scenes of child abuse though

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Well Moonage daydream is a bit good isn’t it.


Don’t Worry Darling is annoyingly fine considering what a disaster everyone is hoping from it. Florence Pugh is incredible as she always is and its a very stylishly put together bit of silliness. The massive issue with it is Harry Styles who is very bad in a way that he clearly thinks he’s being very good.

Ticket to Paradise is a not very good film elevated by having two of the most charming people in the world as the leads and it really benefits from the scarcity of this kind of film being made any more so I had a nice time. Not as nice a time as the middle aged lady on our row who was having the time of her life but she made me have a nicer time as well.


what’s the film where a guy is dumpingthe car of someone he’s killed in a lake and it doesn’t sink and he’s like oh shiiii- for a second before it sinks?

oh i just remembered, never mind

What was it?

Babe 2: Pig in the City


Oh yeah, thanks

Does Harry Styles spit on anyone in the film?

He does a lot of yelling and you can see a lot of efluvia departing his mouth during that. I wouldn’t like to speculate on where it landed

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Because bad films are basically less stressful (and therefore more enjoyable) to watch than good films, I have recently watched The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and Uncharted. All abysmal.

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I thought it was spoorloos but i dont think it is actually :thinking:

Maybe its You Were Never Really Here

It was Babe 2 Pig in the City. Teckers confirmed.

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Very much enjoyed Don’t Worry Darling. A film about the less you know the better. Can understand why it might have upset some of the worst type of cunts on the internet.

Think the main reaction to it I’ve seen online has been utter tedium and bemusement at the constant drip-feed of behind-the-scenes ‘drama’