What Films Have You Been Watching? April Edition

We can stretch our legs out a bit on this new board, so here’s a thread exclusively for discussing films you’ve been watching this month.

You are encouraged to give star ratings.

Paging @BMS1

@kiyonemakibi pls start the general film thread for April, it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t x

Today I watched…

Judas and the Black Messiah
Very well made but aside from a few stand-out scenes dotted about, it didn’t grab me. Thought it was quite meandering. Kaluuya was phenomenal as always

I’m going to watch a film today and contribute to this thread.

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Me too

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Finishing off March with these… April will probably see me really drop back the view count as I should be going back to work soon.

Gods Own Country :sheep: (Film 4) 3/5
Admirable with some tender moments and gently touches on xenophobia, but thought the script over-egged it a bit too much to try add authenticity. Could’ve done with it turned down a notch or two.

Long Shot :writing_hand: (Netflix) 2.5/5
Mostly falls short in nailing the Veep / Succession vibe, but still has some good lines and self referential nods. Theron is great as ever and Rogan is himself as ever. The soundtrack was a bit all over the place and could easily do with a 20+ min trim.

What Did Jack Do? :monkey: (Netflix) 1/5
Absolute guff.

True Lies :sunglasses: (Film 4) 3.5/5
Somehow never seen a second of this over the years. Nothing majorly revolutionary and in no galaxy does this need to be 2h 24m, but really fun half tongue in cheek stuff overall. You’ve got a pure 90’s Arnie plonked into such chunky and bombastic action shot by Cameron with goons getting absolutely rinsed in the loudest way possible.

Scream :skull: (5 Star) 3.5/5
Super schlocky, self referential and only aged in a few harmless ways. I know it’s the usp, but I could do with a few lines in the script not involving a reference to a movie. I’d imagine it would’ve been a great ride to watch at the cinema back in the day, gutted I was underage.

Love And Mercy :surfing_man: (BBC 2) 2.5/5
Have no real history to Brian / Beach Boys so maybe not the most ideal audience, but though this did a solid job trying to pin him down. Hits the usual tried and tested biopic beats (especially in the script) and the camera is pointlessly wobbly and leering at times. It really shines in the hubbub scenes in the studio and although I didn’t gel with the split timeline it’s probably necessary to give a full spectrum of the artist.

John Robins: The Darkness Of Robins :credit_card: (Netflix) 3/5
I relate to ol’ JR in lots of ways and see eye to eye with him in lots of this. An interesting premise and zips around from laughter to moments of honesty.

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How dare you

Didn’t we do this without problem in the monthly film thread? Am getting a little lost as to why so many new threads are being started.


Had no idea this was on Nettyf

The idea is that more threads around the same topic creates more discussion. People will be more likely to drop in and leave their thoughts on a film they’ve just seen if there’s a dedicated thread, and we had a chat recently about how some members feel intimidated over the massive film threads and wouldn’t get involved. It also seems that most arguments start in massive ongoing threads so there’s an effort to reduce them, not that that’s relevant to film threads.

On a personal level it makes it easier, a lot of the time I just want to read what people have been watching and what they thought, this thread will make it easier rather than scrolling past loads of news and random chat. Same way as on Letterboxd you can filter different feeds for reviews, lists etc.

It also means discussions around certain films are less likely to be buried or lost amongst other conversations. This is true of all big threads, splitting them down in whatever way makes sense should lead to more activity, or at least that’s the theory

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Read it was going off there soon so gave it a watch. Doesn’t actually say the leaving date in the app though.

Haha. I love/like my Lynch in particular doses and this wasn’t it chief.

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Sound of Metal

It has been a while since I watched a film that gave me a visceral reaction. Sound of Metal made me feel queasy throughout. Dizzying, at times. Still feeling a bit shaky now. Not sure why it hit me so hard but it did. Riz Ahmed is stunning, the sound editing is phenomenal… it’s hard to say I loved it because it has made me feel fucking miserable but… wow. I laughed when Derek Cianfrance’s name came up in the credits. OF COURSE.

The scene where he gets the implant was so distressing. Gonna live with me for a while.

Have only seen a few Best Picture nominees so far but this is head and shoulders above the ones I have.

Need a lie down.


gonna start keeping a list of films i wanna watch instead of just idly picking stuff from mubi, more fun that way

I agree with having more threads but can’t work out the difference between this one and the April film thread.
think ‘films you have watched / letterboxd stats’ and ‘film news’ are good separated out, and then whatever other threads people wanna start e.g. the period drama one


That’s the idea, think people posted their letterboxd stats just cos it’s what normally happens. But the other one would be for news and general chat from now on- that’s what everyone seemed cool with when I brought it up anyway :smiley:

Oh yeah I was confused cos there’s another film news thread too
Could maybe delete that and change the name of the other April one

Is there? The trailers one? Can scrap that yeah

The Sound of Silence - Peter Sarsgaard plays someone who goes into people’s houses to determine an issue in the sound which is causing them problems.

I absolutely fucking hated this. One of the dullest, least engaging, overly sincere films I have seen in a long time. Can’t believe we live in a world where a Disturbed cover isn’t the worst thing called The Sound of Silence

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watched knives out again, such a fun film


Bad Trip (2021) :star: :star: :star:

A bad start and a bad end but with a creamy middle of very puerile laughs. The Chinese finger trap scenes will stay with me for a while.

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