What Films Have You Been Watching? April Edition

The Third Man :ferris_wheel: 3.5/5 (BBC 4)
Loved the unique post war setting and a peek at the criminal underbelly thriving there through a noir tint. Utterly phenomenal use of stark light, stretched shadow, elongated perspective, wonky angles and technical cut aways. The actual nuts and bolts of the story however didn’t really connect with me - the climax was outstanding though. Should my account be banned as I always thought this was directed by Hitchcock?

Dracula :coffin: 3/5 (Horror Channel)
Cranks the gothic up-to 11 and really set the plate for nigh on the next 100 years. The first third set in Transylvania is such a standout with a truly grandiose scale, chilling music, creaky sound, deeply foggy sets and sadly the rest never really lives up-to that. It has a few primitive yet clever tricks up its sleeve and crams lots of lore into the 72 mins runtime without it feeling rushed. The overly deliberate movement was a rather tough sight with 2021 eyes though.

Frankenstein :nut_and_bolt: 3/5 (Horror Channel)
A bit more going on psychologically and metaphysically than Dracula, but found the rest rather rigid and stagey especially in its performances. Trying to not be that picky, but also found the music, sets and effects lacking.

The Wolf Man :wolf: 3/5 (Horror Channel)
Gotta be the highest ratio of film set in a country where no character speaks the accent. In and out in 70 mins with nothing spectacular bar a few beautifully surreal moments of editing prior to the transformation. A nice torment portrayed by Chaney Jr and the script balances out the scientific and supernatural theories rather well.

Just saw Godzilla vs Kong in 3D IMAX and it was very stupid but the monster fights were so much fun.

Obviously not as good as Skull Island but still I enjoyed it.

Suspicion Love me a Htchcock but didn’t really like this one at all, the lead female character was infuriating which took away from it greatly. Just read that the ending was a rewrite/compromise, which makes a lot of sense too as that was not very good at all.

Kicking and Screaming I really enjoyed this and thought it really neatly encapsulated that feeling of post-graduation drift and ennui. Quite a few laugh out loud moments too, especially “this bad summer is starting to turn into a bad life” As ever with Baumbach though, while I enjoyed it I wouldn’t argue against anyone who didn’t enjoy it due to it being a film about priveleged white people with fairly minor problems in the grand scheme of things. Even by mid-90s standards, its veeeery white.

No but it should for that low score



Was ok. Wasn’t bored at anytime I suppose due to the visual flair on display and some good performances but I dunno, I got the feeling it thought it was something cleverer and weightier than what it was, when it was just a decent pulpy thriller.


Not seen this in over 20 years but it’s held up. A perfect film which still feels like the absolute last word when it comes to the western.

3.5 isn’t low in my eyes!

The first shot of Welles is a 5 alone


Unforgiven is so damn good *****


Watched The Mauritanian over two sittings (last night and on my lunch break today). Well worth your time. Jodie Foster and Tahar Rahim are amazing in it

yeah I feel like I want to go back and watch every western Clint was involved in and watch Unforgiven again last, the ending is amazing too. spoiler: the climactic scene after he’s just avenged Ned, where he’s threatening to kill everyone and their families whilst the American flag waves in the background, is proper hairs-standing-on-the-back-of-your-neck stuff. Chilling

Scary stories to tell in the dark. Fine/10. Few jumps, lots of the usual ticklist horror nonsense.

The Dig. So lovely and soothing. Only half way through though.

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Can honestly say that I never saw the twist in Antebellum coming, Not sure if it was a good one or not - the reviews to it seem to be quite sniffy though, it’s definitely not that bad

Yeah. I didn’t mind the film.

The twist wasn’t bad. I kind of “enjoyed” it as I was slightly confused at times.

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Is the twist different to what I think it is from the trailer I keep seeing on Sky

Really enjoyed Young Frankenstein

I’ve felt this way about Moana, Coco, and some of the other big animated films recently. They’ve been… fine, but, really mechanical. Like, the stories are good and fun stuff happens but it all feels really formulaic.

What do you think it is?

Yeah I think it gets away with it on reflection

Minari :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


the grandma was a lot like mine was, and was the same after she had her strokes too, feeling a bit tender now. Just sat and watched the entire credits roll. Stunning film.


I think I’m due for a rewatch of this as I was quite underwhelmed when I saw it but then I was fairly young. Loved Open Range though, maybe give that a whack if you’ve not seen it?

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