What Films Have You Been Watching? April Edition

Rocky 3 is a really really good time, right? Definitely my favourite so far (will get round to 4 and 5 soonish)


The first one is the best film. It’s surprising beat Network, All The President’s Men and Taxi Driver for the best film Oscar.

But Rocky IV is most enjoyable watch. Blatant 80s patriotic USA razzmatazz action film…daft as hell and don’t forget Rocky IV it helped defeat communism.

never heard of it before you mentioned it but I’ve just looked it up, looks interesting and it’s got a good cast. I’ll keep an eye out for it, thanks.

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Rocky and Creed are the only two that are actually good films but the rest are all enjoyable.

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I’m sure someone linked to it here one time, but someone worked out that Rocky 4 was something daft like 40% montage. There are back-to-back training montages at one point.

I love that this is only just out/not even out yet and half my Letterboxd has already seen it :smiley:

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Recently watched:

Beneath - High school kids go boating on a lake and there’s a big killer fish on the prowl. Pretty good horror. All the kids are arseholes and so you don’t care who gets killed. Larry Fessenden directed this and as usual is able to take a simple premise and make something very good with it. 7.5/10.

James White - Christopher Abbott lives a hedonistic New York lifestyle. His estranged dad recently died and his mum, Cynthia Dixon, has terminal cancer. Abbott becomes the caring devoted son that you’re not quite expecting and the film follows his relationship with his mum who’s becoming more frail each day. Stunning performances from Dixon and especially Abbott. He’s one of those actors that for some reason isn’t an A-lister yet despite being able to out act nearly anyone that he’s cast with.
The camera shots were interesting and a lot of the time were just headshots of Abbott and reminded me of Son Of Saul somewhat.
A very moving film that deals with a lot of sensitive issues extremely well. 8/10.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan - An impressive found footage and possession horror. Lost its way a little towards the end for me as simplicity and building tension is usually the best recipe for found footage films for me but nonetheless is a pretty good horror. Worth a look. 7.5/10.

I think 3 is my favourite cos Weathers is so fucking good in it

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Watched Son of Godzilla yesterday and Godzilla vs Kong today. Son of Godzilla was better

The Father - thought Hopkins and Colman were brilliant in it but there’s something stopping it being great. I don’t really have any experience of dementia or speaking to people with it thankfully, so I don’t know how accurate the film was on that note. It is a disorientating watch, but I’m not sure if overly so? It’s hard to be critical without sounding insensitive

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Watched a bit of teen wolf on telly the other day. Ticks all the american high school film boxes - buying booze while underage, parties, sports, varsity jackets, odd teachers - but with wolves.

Train To Busan :train2: (Film 4) 3.5/5
Doesn’t bring much new to the table or have any deep subtext, but nevertheless a pretty mad and kinetic ride with enough heart at its core.

Apollo 13 :rocket: (Netflix) 3/5
Not sure how/why i’ve never seen a second of this over the years… It hit all the beats I expected from a Ron Howard piece: Nuts and bolts filmmaking that encompasses stakes, tension, (melo)drama, soaring score, solid performances and clarity. The sfx are also pretty damn solid for something from 1995. All rather vanilla with the propaganda/patriotism and extremely white male cast being hard pills to swallow.

BlacKkKlansman :rotating_light: (Channel 4) 3/5
Love how it squared up straight to the absurdity and looked back as well as forward, but found it rather functional and awkward in most areas especially tonally. Was kinda expecting something a bit more revolutionary, zippy and subtle.

Prospect :gem: (Film 4) 2.5/5
Nice bit of chunky retro sci-fi with drip fed world building which are ingredients I love, but this didn’t really do anything for me.

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Recently watched:

Love & Mercy - Brian Wilson’s story. Focuses obviously on his mental health and on the making of Pet Sounds and to a small extent, Smile. I hadn’t see this film before but I’m a huge Pet Sounds fan and saw Wilson perform it on it’s 40th anniversary in London and 50th in Austin. I was always going to be biased in favour of the film. Glad to see it shows Wilson’s svengali Gene Landy as the manipulator and isn’t too negative towards Mike Love but I’m always firmly in the Wilson camp on that one. Dano and Cusack were brilliant as Wilson, especially Dano. Really enjoyed the film. Mike Love Not War. 8/10.

Looks That Kill - Dark comedy drama where a teenager has a condition where he has a face that’s so beautiful that it kills those who see it. Not in a narcissistic way and quite the opposite. He wraps his head in bandages and finds it hard to make friends but then he meets like nice girl who also has a medical condition. A bittersweet film that nearly pulls off what it tries to achieve. Worth checking out but it didn’t totally connect with me. 6.5/10.

All About Nina - On Netflix. Their blurb is “Fearless provocation has fuelled stand-up comic Nina Geld’s career, but a move to LA and a new love take her to new levels of honesty.” I hadn’t heard of it before and was very much expecting a comedy romantic drama like Mrs Maisel after that blurb. Definitely not that film.

It was brilliant though. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing in a drama where she plays a confident funny comic who has a lot of personal issues. Emotional and raw on many occasions and Winstead can do brilliant comic impressions as well as the tragic necessary here. I don’t want to give away too much. Winstead is stunning here and Common as the love interest is brilliant too but it’s all about Winstead here. It’s a definite one to put on your list. 8.5/10.

Skyfire - Chinese disaster action film. Hannah Quinlivan’s seismologist mum died when a volcano erupted on an island when she was younger. Ten years on Quinluvan is a young seismologist who’s come up with an early warning system for volcanic activity which is relevant now as some dumbfuck has built a theme park that island. Also stars Jason Isaccs as the Richard Attenborough disaster theme park owner; how these people keep getting general liability insurance is beyond me. “Lava is blocking all the exit gates” is a line from this and stuff explodes in this Simon “Con Air” West directed fun nonsense. 6/10.


The guy who played Mike Love looked so much like him too.

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Absolutely. I had to look him up but hadn’t seen him in anything else.

watched Collective, the Romanian doc that people recommended on here

it’s a brilliant film. couldn’t believe some of the access the makers got. one of the best docs I’ve seen in a while.

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Loved this film and she is so great. Truly one of the best.
Her impressions were so funny.

Have you heard of the comedian Jamie Loftus? She was the consultant on this. She’s excellent too. Has very good podcasts: The Bechdel Cast, one about Mensa and an excellent recent one about Lolita. Always funny; always thoughtful


No. Haven’t heard of Jamie Loftus. But thanks, I’ll have a look into her.

It was completely the film I wasn’t expecting. Even the “DVD cover” picture on Netflix gave me the impression it was going to be a quirky rom-com. It wasn’t that but it was a brilliant film.

Really enjoyed Josie and the Pussycats last night. Had some strong early-2000s, Freaky Friday/Mean Girls/pop punk energy which I will always be a fan of, then just a fun and clever (if entirely unsubtle) take on consumerism and pop culture. Alan Cumming was fantastic and there were some great tracks in there - 3 Small Worlds has been stuck in my head ever since

Got some really sniffy reviews about how crass it was an all the product placement was when it first came out and I can’t see how they missed the message so badly … sure, if the basic story doesn’t work for you then fair play, but the product placement was so clearly part of the message that I’m not sure how professionals critics dismissed that aspect :man_shrugging:

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Hated Queen of Earth

Now I’m watching Blair Witch 2…