What Films Have You Been Watching? August 2021


New watches: 28
Rewatched: Game Night, Swiss Army Man (both V funny)
Best: Spirit of the Beehive, A Woman Under the Influence, High and Low, Sabrina, In a Lonely Place, In the Name of the Father, Mrs Miniver, The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie
Worst: Space Jam 2, Shakespeare in Love, Daisies, An American in Paris

Watched the 1993 Secret Garden film last night. It’s decent enough for family viewing. Does not engage in the racism present in the original text.


Watched 11 films last month, four of which I scored 1.5 or under on Letterboxd. Surprisingly Space Jam 2 wasn’t the worst of them, that honour went to Sex and the City 2. What a steaming pile of shit!

Best things I watched were Another Round and Quiet Place 2.

We watched Till Death last night. Megan Fox is handcuffed to her dead husband in the middle of snowy wilderness and has to survive. Pleasant, enjoyable trash perfect for switching your brain off on a Saturday night.

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Watched 20
1 rewatch (the matrix (1999))
Best - Morvern Callar, phoenix, a special day
Worst - tremors, midsommar, the producers

Which version of The Producers?

Original. Was really surprised by how bad it is. Obviously the central joke is a great one but it’s stretched so thin and found nothing else funny. Even gene Wilder is kind of shite in it and he’s great in everything

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Ah shit, haven’t seen it in probably 20 years and was intending to watch it again soon. Kind of suspected it might be like that

watched: 22
new: 17
best: summer of soul, blow out, ninja ii: shadow of a tear
worst: jupiter ascending

today is a good day!

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Ending July with:

Naked (Film 4) 2/5
:smoking: Sadly I felt the same way about Secrets & Lies in that I find it really hard to shake that Soap Opera ‘Kitchen Sink’ feeling. I can understand what people see it in, but for me it was a tale of a despicable misanthropic miscreant from Corrie (who says everything without saying anything) coming down south for a guest appearance in Easterners. You can plug in as many great actors and wrap in in a solid script, but it’s just very hard for me to shake that feeling.

Bo Burnham: what. (Netflix) 3.5/5
:microphone: Prepping myself for Inside by starting here. Found myself more transfixed and impressed by what I was seeing and the sheer talent/age of Bo, that the actual content kinda washed over me, but he really makes a lasting impression and covers a swathe of comedy history in relentless fashion.

July: ‎2021 JULY (Ranked), a list of films by Jamie Malcolm • Letterboxd
Watched: 29
Top 5: One Week / Honeyland / Phantom Thread / I Origins / The Square

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Lego batman has none of the charm of the first. Couple of funny moments but it’s stretched incredibly thin

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Are you sure you want to trust the judgement of someone who doesn’t like tremors? Massive safety wink.


So hungover I watched Not Another Teen Movie.

A lot of it would have been bad at the time and has aged even worse. But I was shocked at how many actually quite funny bits there were in it. Many, many times better than I was expecting. 2/5

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I know it’s bad form to point out typos in public, but that really isn’t how you spell “one of the best and most fun monster movies ever - Tremors”


I didn’t enjoy to watch it I’m afraid

ah well, each to their own, innit? Can’t talk because I’m about to be (mildly) rude about a film that I think a lot of people here enjoyed, having finally watched Possessor last night. Great concept and story, but it’s 108 minutes long and I estimate about 78% of that running time is arse-achingly dull slow pans over…well. anything in shot. With a good kicking in the final edit it could have been a 90 minute all time genre classic, but ended up bit of a missed opportunity for me.


The Nest - Very Good/10
Zola - Quite Good/10

The Nest is incredibly good at setting a tone of absolute stress and dread, felt my stomach completely drop at one point. Law and Coon are fantastic. The use of space/setting is fantastic too, the guy can really shoot a film.

The soundtrack to Zola and the overall sound design was amazing. Mica Levi turned up for the Q&A too which was nice. Overall the film is just a bit silly/messy tbh, felt a bit too much like Spring Breakers (which I fucking hate)


Watched: 14 (slacking!)
New: 9
Rewatched: Fargo, Memento, Deep Blue Sea, Ridgemont High, Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Best: Luca, The Crow
Worst: Dead and Buried

Finished July off two movies on Friday and Saturday.

First was Dinner in America (2020). If I was to score i’d give this an 8/10. A fun watch, with some funny moments, some mildly shocking moments, awkward moments, some punk rock and a sort of heart-warming ending. I recommend. I will probably rewatch at some point.

Second was Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019). If I was to score i’d give this a 6/10. It was interesting enough and I enjoyed Brad Pitt in it, but, I felt like it was too long and the story could have been told in less than 2 hours easily (probably more around the 90 minute mark). It felt like nothing happened for ages, and then it was all crammed in the last 40 or so mins.

I watched a couple of short (both 90 minutes) films today.

Flashback - or it’s original title of something like ‘The Education of Fredrick Fitzell’ . This is some Canadian time-travel / parallel universe shit that Kermode bizarrerly thought was pretty good. I thought some of the visual effects were kind of fun, but this is basically a Richard Kelly (IE the Donnie Darko / The Box guy) movie that doesn’t really work and it’s much closer to The Butterfly Effect than anything else.

Pig - A film which, as I think every review has said, is way better than its premise suggests. Nicolas Cage is a Truffle hunter with a pig. Some people steal the pig, and then Cage heads out into inner city Portland to find the pig. So you might expect some kind of John Wick / The Revenant kind of thing, but it actually reminded me of some of the beats of something like Sound of Metal. More of a quiet, reflective thing. Cage is great, and I like yer man from Hereritary - (had to look this up) Alex Wolff as Cage’s ridealong.