What Films Have You Been Watching? December 2021

last one of the year - last thread ended well, very tempted to watch Cairo Station and Boiling Point based on the reviews they got


Watched: 13
Best: Z, Spencer
Worst: Slaxx, Best in Show

Watched: 24
Best: Spencer, Come and See, Petite Maman
Worst: Last Christmas

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thought The Power of the Dog was very compelling. story took lots of little turns that I didn’t expect. always nice when Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst get together


Bit wanky that they make their own rope though. just buy some from a rope shop

if they like acting together so much they should get married already eh!


I watched 24 motion pictures in November and the best ones in my opinion were Petite Maman, Gosford Park and Run Hide Fight.

Looking forward to West Side Story very much

39 in Nov.

Top 10:
The Hustler
First Cow
Boiling Point
Cairo Station
The Nest
On The Town
Life In A Day 2020

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My/our schedule for the month:

(Rewatch) The Matrix Revolutions
(Rewatch) The Matrix Resolutions
(Rewatch) The Animatrix

(Cinema) The Matrix Resurrections (22nd)
(Cinema) Spider-Man: No Way Home (15th)

(Netflix) The Summit Of Gods (1st)
(Netflix) Tokyo Godfathers (1st)
(Netflix) The Power Of The Dog (1st)
(Netflix) Don’t Look Up (24th)
(Apple) Swan Song (17th)

(First time Christmas based watches)
The Snowman
Arthur Christmas
Mean Girls
Happiest Season
Eyes Wide Shut
It’s A Wonderful Life

(2021 UK release catchup)
Petite Maman
The Card Counter
The Last Duel
The Eternals
The French Dispatch

Quite liked Escape From Alacatraz. Still cant get over not seeing McGarnagle as Eastwood though

Watched There Will Be Blood on Netflix, haven’t seen it since it came out

It looks absolutely amazing
What a film

Although I don’t think there are any female speaking parts in thewhole 2+ hours!!
I know it’s a fable of capitalist masculinity but still

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Went to see Pirates last night (a Reggie Yates film)

Does absolutely nothing that a coming of age / trying to get into the cool event / friends finding they’re moving apart film hasn’t done it before, but it’s a load of fun, the core cast are all excellent, and it’s 80 minutes long so zips along. The period piece aspect (it’s set in 1999) doesn’t really impact on it all that much aside from fuelling some jokes but it’s very clearly so they can fill the soundtrack with UK Garage hits so fair play I guess.

(Also, my partner made the [very good imho] point that it’s nice to see a film about BAME London youth that isn’t a gangland / crime / gritty affair. So yeah, that too.)


woah, didn’t know about this. have a real soft spot for reggie.

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The Last Duel is on Disney+ now for anyone still wanting to see it (like myself)!


Watched: 42
Best: Quo Vadis, Aida? , Passing
Worst The Owners


Had a good month for ‘classic’ cinema

Seven Samurai
Battleship Potemkin
Throne of Blood
Tokyo Story

All in November. Plus Dune which was also quite good.

Watched 9 (all new to me)
Best: Petite Maman, Yojimbo
Worst: Saw IV


feel like you really need to see the first 3 Saw films to understand Saw IV

I was trying to do the set but 4 was the final straw

Will have to dip back in at some point


*the final Saw


cmon, you gotta do 5 and see if the trend continues - a half star viewing awaits!