What Films Have You Been Watching? January 2022 Edition

They really need to sort out the replacements on the Kermode and Mayo show when they aren’t in. Anna is good but Ben Bailey Smith is utterly clueless. I liked when he asked if Jon Peters was the guy with the pencil moustache

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He’s still better than Edith Bowman, although the bar is so low its on the floor.

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I like them. Think they’re nice to listen to. Always happy to see Anna’s name pop up particularly.
Ben seems like a tremendous egg. He perhaps maybe could have done a little bit of research before embarking on an awkward explanation of the Minyan title (or not bothered at all) but he’s never claimed to be anything other than a film fan.
Forever getting names muddled up myself too so can sympathise

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Is this the right place to talk awards? Just interested in what people thought of the Golden Globe winners. I know how the awards are viewed by some people but curious as to what peoples opinion’s are for those that have seen the majority of the films.

I do like him as a person (although he waa a key part of Life On The Road which is unforgivable and the constant ‘why haven’t we met’ to Anna and her lack of reactions back got a bit awkward) but I dunno, just think a bit more insight is needed, particularly when the presenter is as involved as they are rather than simply being someone to do links. He also called Ariana DeBose ‘the Latin actress’ and she’d been a guest on the show.

Least it’s not Ali Plumb and Robbie Collin though, bin those two off for good

Not much to say other than it’s absolutely done me that the Roy Keane character from Ted Lasso was shortlisted for Best Supporting Actor alongside Kieran Culkin’s absolute all-timer performance in Succession (and also pretty wild that KC lost to that old dude from Squid Game)


They’ve made such a small splash this year after the controversy. Can’t see them existing in five years, maybe even next year.

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Their lack of diversity and that their awards are widely known to be (allegedly) bought means that they’re finished.

The Golden Globes’ news this year was essentially that no one gives a shit about them.

No mainstream network would televise them anymore. Maybe Nigel Farage will host them on GB News.

Ah right, I didn’t realise ( or maybe forgot) the extent of the shitness of the Golden Globes. Probably a bad example to use for award discussions! I wanted to see if there were notable exclusions but yeah maybe not the best example…

Can’t disagree with this and yes, I forgot about the Rachel Zegler bit. Knew there was something else. That was pretty bad.
I reckon where they’re in the same room it will be miles better and they can build a real rapport for the future

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literally don’t listen when it’s not K and M, since half of what I want from the show is their vibe and banter

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I like it when it’s Anna or Clarisse (who seems to have stopped doing it) and I like Sanjeev as a host but yeah it feels a bit flat otherwise. I don’t think they did any of the features last week.

I quite enjoyed over lockdown when they did alternative top 10s, they should cut down the box office top 10 bit cause half the films won’t have been watched and the rest is just repeating whats been said before, and do more of those

only good when they inevitably start at number 37 or something

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Went to see The Electrical Life of Louis Wain yesterday, 10/10 for all of the cats tbh

Nah for real it was a really lovely film. Really funny and silly in places, got quite emosh with getting overwrought, lots of fun cameos. Very good Sunday afternoon vibes. Hugged my cat when I got home, as usual she did not like that at all.

(Also realised the director also did Landscapers, which I’m also watching at the moment and v enjoying)

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I had a sneaking suspicion this might be a lovely film going completely under the radar, like A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood in 2020


There’s a good interview with him here

Scream 4 is ridiculously underrated - I thought it was really sharp and funny but it seemed to disappear quickly and quietly


yeah as I’ve mentioned I saw it at the cinema not being a massive Scream fan but still expecting a half arsed effort but do remember enjoying it quite a bit - quite glad I’ve forgotten it cause it will seem fresh when I see it

Pig - sold the TV on this as “Nicolas Cage goes on a rampage to get his truffle pig back”, which it absolutely was not.

I loved it anyway, she hated it and fell asleep during the final act. Now I guess I know how those people who walked out of “Drive” due to a lack of driving feel.

Cage is genuinely great in this. Bit anticlimactic but can see it becoming a cult favourite.


This is a genuine banger: