What Films Have You Been Watching? July Edition

roll up, roll up


New watches: 18
Rewatched: It Follows, Mulholland Drive
Best: Minari, Tenebre
Worst: Scooby Doo, The Girl with all the Gifts

New watches: 22
Rewatched: the new Jumanjis, Muppets Take Manhattan, FFVII Advent Children
Best: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Shiva Baby, One Cut of the Dead, L.A. Story, Muppets Take Manhattan, Election
Worst: Spaceballs, Frenzy, Advent Children

keep considering giving this another go given how much i love some of Mel’s work but … it did so little for me


Mel Brooks after the 70s isn’t worth bothering with

Watched 48 hours for the first time since I was a nipper. So very dated, so many random unnecessary boobs. And the main white character that we’re supposed to like uses the n word.

Clumsy but probably had its heart in the right place, deep deep deep deep down. Strong vibes of The Simpsons episode where homer is a homophobe and is turned around by his life being saved by a gay man.

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June’s best was McCabe and Mrs Miller. A stunning film.

The Climb was a great little indie buddy/enemy cycling film. Worth a look into.

Action!!! :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:


Finishing off June with:

Blazing Saddles (BBC 4) 4/5
:cowboy_hat_face: So loose it’s almost liquid at times. As absurd, surreal and deliciously vulgar as expected.

A Fish Called Wanda (BBC 1) 3/5
:tropical_fish: Sadly it didn’t really click and felt rather boilerplate / rudimentary. Kline really gave it everything - a physical, mesmerising and at times bizarre performance.

My Darling Clementine (Paramount) 3/5
:cactus:I felt it kinda sat in a weird cinematic no mans land position with a foot in the old and the other in the new. Also felt like several films squished together with none of the threads really standing out. Having said that some truly gorgeous gloomy vistas, rugged faces and soaring shadows steal the show.

The Muppets Most Wanted (BBC 1) 3.5/5
:world_map: Joyous once again with the interplay being deeply infectious. Think the songs might even be a step above this time and you can really hear the FotC voices and personality coming through even clearer.

The Need To Grow (Vimeo) 3/5
:seedling: A solid and thought provoking solutions based doc. Directed and edited rather well causing me to get rather furious twice due to the actions on screen, but glad to let out relieved sighs later on. Micheal Smith is the star of the show and could’ve had the whole thing built around him honestly. What a truly fascinating individual.

Persepolis (Rakuten TV) 4/5
:iran: Such a beautifully textured portrait and poignant historical lesson. Countless moments of animated wonder and sound manipulation.

The Producers (BBC 1) 2/5
:clapper: So flipping loud. I liked the looseness / fluidity of Blazing Saddles, but it really didn’t work for me here - feeling rather messy and haphazard instead. Sat dumbfounded much of the time with so much falling absolutely flat.

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Agreed the songs are even better. Think it got unfairly shat on due to not being the previous film and Gervais being in it. Its definitely funnier too

But it doesn’t have Amy Adams so it’s clearly worse?

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Did you know that Amy Adams is in every Haneke film?

oh boy!

Watched that new Pixar joint Luca and thought it was reet good. Feel like the last few properly decent Pixar films were Inside Out and Soul, but they both felt sort of like they were trying to be very profound, so the simpler story in this one was quite good. Felt really genuine and you could tell the director and the hundreds-strong animation team, natch had put his heart and soul into it, but it was also really funny too. Yeah belter.


Just finished “Terminator: Genisys”

Went into ‘Phoenix’ (2014). Knowing absolutely nothing about it.

Thought it was a well made, gorgeous to look at, slightly preposterous period noir. But then the final act was absolutely stunning, properly incredible. Nina Hoss’s central performance is remarkable and it’s got an absolute all timer of a final scene.

Really loved it


This sounds good, damn

It’s on mubi for a couple more weeks

Went to an actual cinema tonight.

fast and the furious 9.

I will admit to finding these films incredibly dumb but entertaining fun. However this one was just shit in every possible way.

Fast 9 big number 2.

Recently watched:

The Running Man - “Dillon, you son of a bitch.” No not that one. Carol Reed film where Lawrence Harvey fakes his death for insurance money and goes to Spain with Lee Remick. Alan Bates is the mild mannered insurance agent who seems suspicious of them. Liked the beginning of the film and then my interest trailed off. 5.5/10.

Crime and Misdemeanours - Woody Allen film. Impressive cast. The plot/premise too long to type here but the main one is Martin Landau is having an affair with Angelica Houston and she wants him to leave his wife and about Landau’s turmoils. I’m of the age where I remember Mission Impossible and Space 1999 very well and he was brilliant in this. 8/10.

Vicious Fun - Comedy horror. Pastiche/homage to 80s films as it’s set in 1983. Bloke stumbles across a support group for serial killers and then they go after him. Not bad. Has it’s moments but not brilliant. Half decent drinking film. 6/10.