What Films Have You Been Watching? July Edition

Seen Castle of Purity? :grin:

steve mcqueen’s uprising is my favourite thing he’s done, if favourite isn’t a distateful word here. know it’s a tv thing and documentary is different from features. wow, the humanity of it and so skillfully weaved. surprised this seems to be the first mention here, not in tv thread either…
BBC iPlayer - Uprising - Series 1: 1. Fire

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It’s absolutely brilliant. It makes you so angry. 1981 was my first year in London and it was kicking off everywhere. The Met at that time weren’t so much a ‘police’ force as an invading, occupying power.

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so much, to put it lightly, police dodginess in that area of london- the events of this film and aftermath of the murders of daniel morgan and stephen lawrence and who knows what else

how could i forget sarah everard too

Recently watched:

Suzi Q - An excellent Suzi Quatro documentary. Loved her big hit singles but haven’t really looked into her albums. Haven’t seen her live proper but she played bass on a few songs when I saw Cherie Currie at The Underworld a few years ago.
A very well made and edited rockumentary with contributions from Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Alice Cooper, Tina Weymouth and Debbie Harry.
There’s a great life story told here and definitely a shame she’s somewhat over looked generally. She always looked to be brilliant live with amazing stage presence and seemed to be the blueprint for Joan Jett.
How she was massive in Australia, big in The UK and Europe but never made much in roads into The US despite being Leather Tuscadero for a few years was a slight oddity.
Definitely worth looking into this even if you’re not a fan. 8/10.

Letter From An Unknown Woman - Joan Fontaine falls in love with a pianist. Unrequited love and he’s too self absorbed and an arsehole. Had some great reviews but it didn’t grip me as much as I’d hoped. 6.5/10.

Hunter Hunter - A mum and dad and her daughter are fur trappers/survivalists in the woods. There’s a big bad wolf that’s smarter and more dangerous than most out there and they might have other problems too. Pretty good horror/thriller and it’s an effective film for its 90 minute length with a great finale. 7.5/10.

well The Congress is certainly I film I watched today

Agree with most people’s thoughts about Soul Power. Incredible footage but kinda trad talking heads and endless 60s montage werent great. Cut all that and have four times as much nina simone footage imo.

I watched Pee Wee’s Big Adventure yesterday

How big was it?

A tight ninety

Strayed pretty close to the line at points but I just about still really enjoyed Royal Tenenbaums.

It doesn’t completely trip itself up with its aesthetic in the way later Andersons do, actually inspires a bit of pathos. Some of the things I hate about his films are still there and annoying but they’re limited, and Bill Murray isn’t in it much.

It’s his best by an absolute mile and the only one that needs to exist. 7/10

Forgot that film existed. Sure I had in on Blu-ray at some point. Isn’t it quite enjoyable in a pretentious way? It’s the Waltz with Bashir director ain’t it?

Watched Metropolis last night, somehow never seen it before. The eldest is doing a project on gender roles in sci fi films ahead of starting film studies a level in September so it was their idea to start with this. Have to say it was bloody brilliant, can absolutely see why it’s held in such high esteem. Loved the way that everything was cranked right up.


Yeah thats the one where Robin Wright is an actress who signs herself away to a company who will make films with digitized versions of her. It had quite a powerful story but half of it takes place in an animated world which makes no sense narratively and whilst it looks good, you spend half of it just like whats happening here

That’s probably why I remember fuck-all about it then! I see he’s doing an animation based around Anne Frank so it might be more of a return to form.

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Yeah its weird cause it starts off and ends so strongly and beautifully but the animated town is such a misfire

Old is fucking wild. I think I loved it?

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Might watch short term 12 but worried I won’t understand it, as I’ve not seen any of the first 11

Enjoyed this one.

Brilliant cast and really well made.