What Films Have You Been Watching? July Edition

Astronaut- Slow but charming film about Richard Dreyfuss attempting to become an astronaut. Featured a load of donkeys for no apparent reason which I found quite funny

The Ladykillers- Only the second time I have seen this. Terrific film! Alec Guinness is brilliant in it. Going to give The Man in the White Suit a rewatch soon as well.



Not seen this one but look forward to checking it out.

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On BBC2 this afternoon oddly enough. :grinning:

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Got it set to record! And Whisky Galore!

it’s on MUBI atm

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Just watched the Shawshank Redemption the whole way through when before I had just seen bits of it on TV. I have a take that is almost as hot as it is outside: it’s a good film. It makes changes from the novella that it’s based but they’re all changes that I think make sense for the adaptation


Thought Another Round was absolutely brilliant and as someone in the “not a problem drinker, but probably drink too much” category it was ridiculously relatable,

A couple of reviews I read mentioned that it tried to have it’s cake and eat it with regards to showing scenes of drunken revelry and holding a negative overall view of alcohol. I couldn’t disagree more with this, that’s the whole point - many people know full well the damaging elements of alcohol and feel they should stay away, but return because it is such an enhancement to life.

Good mix of comedy and more serious stuff, one of the best films I’ve watched in a long time tbh.


yeah I thought this was great too

as someone who works in education the scene where he gets ambushed by all of his students and their parents was chilling

Didn’t think a Fast and Furious film could be too ridiculous but F9 goes too far and is a bit rubbish for it. Disappointed.

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Is Martin Eden worth a watch?
I see it was originally released (?) in 2019 so wondering if any of you caught it then


In the opening twenty minutes you have Diesel and his team becoming a black ops team literally fighting and killing foreign soldiers with no impunity.

Have you seen The Green Mile? I think maybe a better film than Shawshank if you’re a King fan.

Saw Deerskin , thought it was great. Same guy who made Rubber and is also know as Mr Oizo, its about Jean Djuardin from The Artist who has a goal in life to make his jacket the only one in existence, doing so under the guise of a film project he convinces Adele Haenel from Portrait Of A Lady On Fire to help him. Its funny and nicely deranged, and turns very Man Bites Dog but they miss the most obvious gag in the world at the end

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watched Jupiter Ascending last night, it is utterly terrible. having also seen Speed Racer recently I am properly worried about Matrix 4 now.

Watched The Spy Who Dumped Me last night. I really quite like Kate Mc Kinnon so was good to see her role in this. Thought it was a reasonably fun action/comedy, some moments which felt a bit clumpy/awkward but overall I enjoyed it, some funny action scenes too tbf (the one in the taxi being one of the most memorable…).

very silly film


Is it more European arthouse film or more horror comedy film?

It’s more of a horror comedy yeah, it’s not really arty but it’s not broad either. It’s quite hard to describe - mixture of In Fabric and Man Bites Dog but with laughs maybe. It’s only about 80 minutes long though, and I saw it at an Odeon which I thought was weird that it was showing there but it’s definitely worth a watch, it’s great fun without ever being too over quirky

Does sound good but initially I thought my dad would be a fan - doubting that now