What Films Have You Been Watching? July Edition

Was completely and utterly mesmerised by The Favourite. Definitely the best thing I’ve seen in a long while. Thought the three leads were outstanding and it was chocked full of shots that are really going to linger with me.


Thought songs my brothers taught me was utterly beautiful without ever really grabbing me.

born in flames was excellent. Angry and funny and full of energy. Really enjoyed it

Gonna make my first visit to the cinema in 2 yeats next week to see Old

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The Favourite was brilliant wasn’t it, so darkly comedic and well done.


So, so good! Definitely the most ‘accessible’ Lanthimos film I’ve seen but certainly wasn’t watered down or anything. The comic timings of Colman, Stone and Weisz were all impeccable with some proper belly laugh moments too!

Also it kinda made me want to get my own herd of rabbits :smiley:


This sums it up perfectly for me! Well said. :smiley:

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Ha taaa! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just need to tick off Dogtooth and The Alps now - have you seen either of those?

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I’ve seen Dogtooth but not The Alps. Need to watch that too.

Dogtooth was very well done, unsettling and one of those movies that lingered with me for a while after.

Did you see The Killing Of A Sacred Deer?

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That’s similar to other reports I’ve heard! It’s been on my list for ages too.

Lets say I admired Scared Deer more than I ‘enjoyed’ it - it was mostly quite bleak and disturbing, wasn’t it? Kidman and Farrell were excellent as ever though mind.

I enjoyed The Lobster purely because Keith from the Office was in it


Yeh its hard to use the word enjoyed with Dogtooth too, but it’s definitely impressive? Not sure if that’s the right word either…

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Haha yeh he was! I thought The Lobster was decent too.

Stop what you’re doing and watch Dogtooth nowwww.



Been meaning to the past two nights! Gotta work this afternoon and then this evening too but might save it for some post shift viewing in the wee hours of tomorrow morning… Reckon that’ll be a good state of mind for it?

Reckon i can only think of about five truly original films ive seen from the last 15 years and that’s one of them.


It been a decade since I’ve seen it and still think about the teeth scene constantly


The Lobster is the reason why I have a tattoo of a lobster.


Yeh that scene is pretty unforgettable.

The Godfather, never seen it before.
Its good, 7/10, hope “2” is better though

Make sure you watch The Great.
It’s a TV show by the same people about Catherine the Great. Dark and Blackadder levels of black humour.