What Films Have You Been Watching? June Edition

Couldn’t see a thread already, apologies if this is stepping on anyone’s toes by making it.

Had a day off so saw a couple (as well as Pet Sematary which I put in the Horror thread)

New Rose Hotel - Abel Ferrera one from the 90s where Willem Dafoe and Christopher Walken use Asia Argento in a honeytrap plot to make someone leave a company. Obviously more happens than that but it was a bit of a mess. Didnt really help that when the majority of the plot takes place off screen. So 90s as well.

Hotel Reserve - on iPlayer this. James Mason is arrested on suspicion of being a spy due to photos on his camera, but he only gets released if he finds out who the actual spy was. Good Sunday afternoon viewing, nothing amazing but passed the time well


Spaceballs - 2/5, not for me thank you
One Cut of the Dead- 4/5, very fun and inventive, lacked something that I can’t put my finger on, but well worth 90 minutes- it’s on All4 for another 3 weeks.

I wasn’t hugely enamoured with this myself

Watched Mayor. Thought it was very good. Watching Old Joy now

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Those Who Wish Me Dead is clinically average and yet I had a very enjoyable 90 minutes.

Every film I see so far is still getting a lot of good will just from being in the cinema.

another strange one from Ferrara…i kinda liked it even though it was a bit of a schlocky mess. i guess it’s probably quite en vogue at the moment as it’s a 90’s tech thriller

watched the Delia Derbyshire film on the BBC

thought it was going to be a straight up doc but it was actually a docudrama???

anyway, the dramatic reconstructions were quite hackneyed, a bit like a sixth form film or an episode of the new Dr Who…very strange decision to make it like that

Cosey Fanni Tutti used some of Derbyshire’s work to make the soundtrack, but honestly they should have just used Derbyshire’s own work or Tutti’s…neither of them are served very well

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Yeah it was so 90s - ultimately I thought it was rather restrained when it should have been a bit more dirty or nasty

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Watched this last night while I was falling asleep. Didn’t really think it did anything well at all, quite a disappointment really.

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Recently watched:

Fort Apache - John Ford directs John Wayne, Shirley Temple (her future husband John Agar) and Henry Fonda who’s the lead actor here rather than Wayne. Fonda is the stubborn Colonel who views Native Americans as “savages” and nothing else and it’s Wayne here who’s the more level headed. Not as good as Broken Arrow with Jimmy Stewart who forms a bond with a member of the Apache tribe but I enjoyed this one. 7/10.

Buddha’s Palm & Dragon Fist - Not a Shaw Brothers film but is as good as any of their best. Chi Kuan Chun and Lee I Min in some brilliantly choreographed fight scenes although perhaps too arm/wrist lock centric for some. No gimmicks though. If you can get passed the grainy picture quality and poor sound quality from my version on Amazon it’s an excellent film. Lacks the budget of Shaw Brothers classics like Shaolin Mantis but is definitely worth checking out. 8/10.

Fear - Ingrid Bergman drama/sort of film noir where her husband Roberto Rossellini directs. Bergman has fear and guilt due to her infidelity and is being blackmailed. Done well but I’ve seen better Bergman and Rossellini films but they set a high standard. Still yet to see Stromboli which is on the list to be watched soon. This one is a 7/10.

watching air force one. don’t know why.

i thought firing guns on planes was a big no-no but they’re doing it constantly


At least you didn’t watch this at the cinema after some people did…apparently :slightly_frowning_face:

Quiet want to see this again. One of those films loads of my friends (and my 10 year old nephew, natch) really rate but the one time I saw it it just felt a bit flat. Not sure if I’m just the only guy with taste or wasn’t in the right mood.

Pretty sure they make the point early in the film that Air Force One is a reinforced armoured plane and thus the firing of guns isn’t going to fuck up the pressurisation. EDIT: no just checked and it really is a normal plane. An article I read states that as long as your bullet only goes through the hull the hole it would create isn’t actually big enough to significantly fuck up pressurisation, but if you hit a window, wiring unit or fuel tank then that would end your trip real quick.

It’s just an okay film I think. Can’t recall if I saw it at the cinema or not. Apparently it came out in the UK mid sept 1997 which means I either saw it with my best mate back home or the first film with uni mates when I was back for term, I reckon.

It’s really silly but obviously great fun as that sort of action film.

Recently watched:

Undertow - Australian film from 2018. Laura Gordon suffers a miscarriage and becomes increasingly drawn to and then obsessed with a young teen who’s pregnant. Thought it was going to be a mood piece on grief but was almost a horror in terms of its imagery and themes. Others may like it more than me but it was just an ok film for me. 6/10.

The Package - Some teenagers go camping and one of them gets his penis cut off. The others try and save it and try and get it reattached at hospital.
Endless dick jokes as expected but oddly better than I thought it would be. Geraldine Viswanathan who I’ve seen in a couple of films recently is good in this and it’s a pretty good purile teen comedy. 7/10.

The Girl From Monday - Hal Hartley near future sci-fi where people’s sexual appeal is rated and monetized by the new rulers of The USA. Inevitably about consumerism and those that fight against the system.
Co-stars Sabrina Lloyd who starred in a semi-unknown Aaron Sorkin comedy drama series which I love called Sports Night. This one has the usual Hal Hartley style of dialogue and for some reason is filmed in slow motion maybe ⅘ speed. I’ve liked most Hal Hartley films I’ve seen but not this one. It’s just boring. 3.5/10.

Saw Minari as my first trip back to the cinema - and my 100th film of the year, in a very nice bit of synchronicity.

Yeah, it was excellent. I knew so little going in (just: Oscar nommed, Korean family farming in America, not a barrel of laughs) and it was so refreshing to have that clean slate. Loved the family dynamics, granny was great, David was ADORABLE, the whole fire sequence was a total gut punch that had me tearing up - but it also looked weirdly captivating and beautiful. Music was excellent and moving without being intrusive, it looked grand, lovely ending - a real good time tbh

Then went home and watched Scooby Doo with my flatmate, as a nice little contrast :smiley: I guess it’s a film technically? Mainly was just watching Linda Cardellini


Old Movie Watch

Bad Blood (1981)
During the Second World War a farmer in New Zealand goes on a murderous rampage because the local police want to confiscate one of his many guns. Very accurate re-enactment of a true incident. Exceptionally bloody. Terrific atmosphere of gradually building insanity. Directed by Mike Newell.

Delayed Action (1954)
A suicidal man has his life ‘bought’ by two villains who allow him to live a life of luxury on the understanding that he may have to eventually kill himself to act as a patsy for their own crimes. Alan Wheatley superb as an urbane villain. His voice is a thing of beauty.

Deadly Nightshade (1953)
A criminal on the run assumes the identity of a man who looks exactly like him. Discovers that he’s now in even bigger bother. At one point he literally gets away with murder because the local police inspector likes him. Title bears no relation to what’s in the film.

The Limping Man ( 1953)
A film that has become infamous for an ending that is such a cop out that it has become a cliché in bad story telling. Lloyd Bridges plays an American who comes back to London after the war to hook up with his old sweetheart. Who is involved in murder, blackmail and smuggling. Truly terrible, not only because of the storyline, but because of the presence of Moira Lister, who is a poor actress at the best of times and excruciating in this.

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This sounds pretty good. What’s it on?

Talking Pictures TV.

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I forget about that channel. There’s so many hidden gems on there whilst my go to tends to be Netflix and Amazon.