What Films Have You Been Watching? June Edition

100% agree. Statham will always make a film better, always. Partly because of laughing at him, but also because he doesn’t seem to take himself entirely seriously either. Great combo.


Blade (re-watch)

Good fun, Wesley Snipes is very entertaining in this. The scene with him growling lines in between beating up a familiar is funnier than most comedies

Wong Kar Wai filmography

I bought the Criterion boxset having only seen Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love and 2046 before. A bit disappointed Ashes of Time and The Grandmaster aren’t included, I know they don’t really fit in with the other films but still. Anyway…
As Tears Go By - decent debut if heavy on melodrama in places
Days Of Being Wild - very good
Chungking Express - stone-cold classic (obviously)
Fallen Angels - this is the one I couldn’t really get on with, felt like Chungking Express minus the charm
Happy Together - very good
In the Mood for Love - stone-cold classic (obviously), Maggie Cheung possibly the most beautiful woman ever in this
The Hand (short film which was part on an anthology film, expanded to 56 minutes in this boxset) - very good
2046 - not as good as his best stuff but probably better than the tepid reception it got at the time of release suggests


Booked to see Happy Together and In the Mood for Love at the BFI next month. Very tempting to just book the lot tbh.


Crank is brilliant (Crank 2 not so much).

It was Spy where I realised he was an impressive comic actor.


Spy’s definitely worth a watch. It’s a great Melissa McCarthy film with Statham in a support tole.


Not the funniest line in the film but what I found with a quick search.

rose byrne is also great in it

Agreed, very fun film

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Phew, Cold War packs a helluva lot into a sub-ninety min run-time don’t it?! Very impressive film.


Watched Jerichow. Oddly just yesterday I was thinking how I had never seen The Postman Always Rings Twice and it turns out this is pretty much an uncredited adaptation.

Think Christian Petzold has crept up on me as one of my favourite directors. This was greatbas expected

Not Lock, Stock?
I’ve always assumed the reason he tends to do OTT and slightly silly action films is because his comic timing helps to really sell them in a way a very serious action star might drag them down. OTOH when I think about it Arnie and Bruce Willis are both also very good at comedy so maybe it’s just an aspect of what works best.


I enjoyed Spy and didn’t really expect to. It’s good although I think it’s both a bit long and I felt like the finale seemed to go a bit to ‘serious action film’ and leave the comedy. It’s actually good enough to carry being ‘serious’ I just feel like if you’re doing a broad comedy you should do that consistently.

Rose Byrne was great in a comedy film called Jexi. She’s the dry sarcastic voice of Jexi, a phone assistant (like Alexa) who takes the piss out of Adam DeVine.

Not exactly a cinematic masterpiece but a pretty funny film.

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“The Stath” was also v good in Hummingbird which barely exists but is in fact a good film.


Last night watched the flying guillotine. A shaw brothers film and a lot of fun.


Last time I checked, Flying Guillotine 2 was on Netflix as well…

Last Shaw Brothers effort I saw was The Five Elements Ninjas which packs a hell of a lot of fighting into its short running time.

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Five elements ninjas is a lot of fun :grinning::+1:

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From the looks of things, MUBI’s full library is now available on the PS4 app