What Films Have You Been Watching? June Edition

Recently watched:

Bad Ass - Vietnam veteran Danny Trejo’s mate is killed and he beats up loads of people to find out who did it. Should be an utterly shit film but strangely a decent enough late night watch with drinks. 6/10.

Awake - A global event happens and people lose the ability to sleep and the electricity doesn’t work either. The lack of sleep starts to make some people crazy. Gina Rodriguez tries to get her family to a place where they might find a cure. Starts off well, gets worse quick and the ending is really shit. 3/10.

Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses - A kid that Danny Trejo’s coaches in boxing is killed. This time he has Danny Glover to help him beat people up and find out who did it. Not as good as the first one but a decent enough sequel. 5/10.

McCabe and Mrs Miller - Robert Altman western film with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie. Beatty arrives at a sleepy cold town in Washington State in the early 1900s and quickly becomes the town’s main guy after building a saloon and other property too. He also goes into a business partnership with Christie opens a brothel. A mining company then wants to buy him out and won’t take no for an answer. That’s the rough premise but there’s so much more to this film.

The feel and atmosphere of the film is unique. The characters are never stereotypes and so much depth to the two leads as well as the excellent support cast. On occasions the dialogue is intentionally indecipherable and mumbled. Filmed beautifully and I can’t remember the last time a two hour film went by so quick. Leonard Cohen provides the perfect soundtrack here to an absolutely unforgettable film. Stunning. 9/10.

Had to look up these Bad Ass films (there’s a 3rd one!!)

Here’s what I assume to be the official poster for Bad Asses

But (maybe for copyright reasons) Wikipedia has this one


The Father

Kind of like someone heard the unsettling, lurching music at the start of Jackie and There Will Be Blood, and decided to make a play/film that feels like that all the time. I thought it was great, much better than the usual film treatments of dementia. And between this and The Nevers it’s nice to see Olivia Williams again in stuff

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Into the Wild- I don’t know enough about Chris McCandless to make a judgement in real life but this film very much makes him seem like a selfish idiot who makes a series of bad decisions then dies because of it.


Shiva Baby is great fun.


Looking forward to this. I saw it appeared on Mubi a few days ago.

Probably the best new film I’ve seen so far this year

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Was blown away by this film. The ways it builds suspense in breathtakingly good. Saw it three days ago, have been talking about it every day since.


Watched it tonight - so funny and brilliant acting. The use of horror-movie violin was a masterstroke

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just finished the extended return of the king. might watch them all again now but the theatrical versions

I owned those EEs once. Watched the first two but I think I only ever watched to the end of the new Saruman bit of ROTK before I had to pause it and I never went back and finished.

We watched Ex Machina last night.

Good performances, looks great and good direction but it’s all a bit pedestrian isn’t it? Nothing new brought to the table in what feels like a pretty crowded genre to me. I think he was much more successful with Annihilation in every way. really.

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i’ve not seen the theatrical ones since the cinema so i’ve no memory of what was added/original but then i googled the bits i guessed were added and they were. so maybe they felt superfluous somehow? anyways i love sam.

I think the Saruman stuff isn’t superfluous but given how well I knew the story before seeing them it’s hard to judge

interesting, I liked Ex Machina but thought Annihilation was rubbish


actually yeah that’s a part that surprised me as not being in the original. can’t remember what happens in the theatrical. do the ents still go and deck his tower and do merry and pippin still eat all that food/have a smoke?

You never hear of him again after the end of The Two Towers IIRC. Christopher Lee was grumpy to the point of not attending the premier.

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I found the final act where dwelling on how the male gaze infected these guys to just gratuitous objectification of women a bit ick TBH, moving from a satirical commentary on a thing to being the thing, I guess.

But I would have forgiven it if the plot had thrown up any real surprises.

Annihilation wasn’t perfect but it genuinely unsettled me especially the crocodile bear thing that imitated their voices

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Watched Snowpierecer with the family last night. Think I was expecting action Sci fi stuff my kids would love because of the presence of Captain America in the lead but the film is utterly utterly bonkers. Some brilliant individual scenes, plenty that doesn’t work at all. Tilde Swinton is amazing. Tonally all over the shop. Glad I’ve seen it but can’t see myself ever watching it again. My wife left the room after 20 mins.



Been going to the cinema loads over the last couple of weeks because they’ve got their unlimited thing for £10 which feels like a great deal.

Judas and the black messiah - absolutely great. Kaluuya is incredible. Regrettably didn’t know too much about what happened beforehand, so was educational too, although we followed it up with a lot of googling afterwards. 9/10

Nomadland - the very nature of it felt a bit directionless, saw it more as a series of vignettes. The relentless shitty jobs were pretty depressing, did raise some good ‘what’s really important in life’ style questions though. 7/10

The little things - immediately forgettable. Weird cast with Rami Malik completely unconvincing while Jared leto hams it up. Completely unsatisfying ending too. 3/10

The conjuring 3 - surprisingly well made horror nonsense. Felt like a bit of a throwback to see essentially a straight horror film with out any gimmicks or knowing irony etc. Not really my thing, but fine. 6/10

The Father - very affecting and based on my experiences with grandparents who had alzheimers, horribly accurate. The switching of roles etc was very effective at creating disorientation and confusion. Never want to see it again, but glad I did. 8/10

Dream Horse - I’d seen and loved the documentary this is based on a few years ago, so knew what to expect. I think without that foreknowledge I might have found it a bit patronising and full of stereotypes, but knowing that it’s actually pretty accurate made it very enjoyable. 7/10

Nobody - it’s just john wick again, but this time with Bob Odenkirk. Pretty relentless and violent, but very silly. 7/10

In the Heights - was dreading this one and I was right. Shit songs, basically no plot, absurdly long. Hated it. 2/10

Cruella - also absurdly long, but quite enjoyable. Did the classic prequel thing of setting up literally everything we know about a character from the original (that’s where she got the car!!). Was at its best when she was just trolling the baroness relentlessly. 7/10