What Films Have You Been Watching? June Edition

Yeah fair points. I do need to see annihilation again tbh, I think I had different expectations of it

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I watched annihilation by myself and thought it was very meh. Saw it again a year or so later with my eldest who LOVED it and they dissected all the things they thought were great about it very cogently (thank you film studies) and it’s made me appreciate it a lot more.


Days of Being Wild (1990)

This was loads better than I’d remembered and I’d almost go as far as saying that it’s up there with WKW’s finest work. There’s something I really like about it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Raise The Red Lantern (1991)

Probably about my third time seeing this and it’s pretty great. Almost more of a play than a film but some great performances and looks stunning.

I’m just starting ‘In Bed With Chris Needham’ that a friend recommended, two mins in and it’s amazing already. Anyone seen it?

Recently watched:

Shiva Baby - Bisexual Rachel Sennott attends a Shiva where her parents, ex-girlfriend and unexpectedly her current sugar daddy (and his wife and baby) are present amongst loads of others.

Could have been a bit of a mess and perhaps a farce but bisexual Jewish director Emma Seligman handles this perfectly. The whole film almost takes place in one house and there’s constant tension between the characters as well as some hilarious and moving dialogue and some brilliant one liners. Great cast includes Molly Gordon and Fred Melamed. It’s a short film at less than 80 minutes and it’s a must watch. 8.5/10.

Step Up 2: The Streets - A bunch of misfit dancers from a Julliard type school take on the reigning street dance champions in a contest called The Streets. Channing Tatum (or Tatum Channing) has a cameo and shows off his dancing skills brilliantly.
The plot and script are rubbish but the dance sequences more than make up for that. 6/10.

Daddy’s Home - Will Farrell is the stepdad and Mark Wahlberg is the biological dad. Both compete for the affections from their kids. No as good as The Other Guys with both these actors but still not a bad film. Some laugh out loads moments but not too many unfortunately. 5/10.

Awake is completely forgettable Netflix-core until the end, which tips into laughably bad. Fell asleep for large sections of it, ironically.

Recently watched:

The Amusement Park - George A Romero horror. No zombies here but ageism is the theme where an elderly man faces discrimination and a whole bunch of people waiting to take advantage of the poor, the old and the vulnerable on his trip to an amusement park. The film’s low budget film quality, despite being restored, adds to the film’s message which is: this is not a horror story, it’s real life. Enjoyed it. 7.5/10.

Sator - A demonic presence takes over members of a family that live in a forest. Too much to unpack including the fact that there’s a biographical element too with the director’s grandmother’s story providing the background to the film. A slow moving film with a no big jumps but very atmospheric. I’ll be honest and found it a bit confusing, probably my fault than the film’s. I liked it but not as much as others probably have or will. 6.5/10.

Kagillionaire - The first Miranda July film I’ve seen. Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger are parents to Evan Rachel Wood. The parents are con artists and see their daughter just as an accessory to their schemes rather than as a daughter. They show her no love and she’s emotionally withdrawn. Gina Rodriguez then becomes part of their little group and she shakes up their relationships.
Strange feel to the film but in a good way. Liked the style and wanted to see a Miranda July film after she was featured in last year’s Women Make Film documentary. Liked this one. 7.5/10.

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Just saw Eraserhead at the BFI. Haven’t seen it since I was about 18. Still unsettling as fuck. Big up the woman who walked out 20 mins in.


Days of the Bagnold Summer is lovely

Really want to see Kajillionnaire. They had July’s other two films on Film4 not long ago so hopefully they might be back on All4 at some point. I personally preferred The Future to YMaEWK

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I watched The Deer Hunter recently. Damn, what a movie. All of the acting performances were amazing and the whole thing just felt so natural and emotionally real. The movie spends such a long time on a wedding at the start but it never feels boring because you are getting so invested in the characters, and then you are just plunged into the violence of the war and the movie doesn’t let go from there. Cinematography was outstanding as well. Gave me a lot of similar vibes of dread like Apocalypse Now does, showing the insanity and brutality of the Vietnam War.

Definitely reccomend, especially if you like war movies, DeNiro, and Walken. Meryl Streep was great too, as was John Cazale. Sad that he died young, this was his last film:

All scenes involving Cazale, who had terminal cancer, were filmed first. Because of his illness, the studio initially wanted to fire him, but Streep, with whom he was in a relationship, and Cimino threatened to walk away if they did.[12][13] He was also uninsurable, and according to Streep, De Niro paid for his insurance because he wanted Cazale in the film. This was Cazale’s last film, as he died shortly after filming wrapped. Cazale never saw the finished film.


I was there too! Always think NFT1 has perfect sound, so pretty perfect for it.


It’s a brilliant film although I’ve only seen it once. I was late in watching it and only saw it a few years ago.

I did know it was Cazale’s last film when watching and it made it even more of a emotional watch. Have you seen Dog Day Afternoon? I really liked that. Again, I was late to the party in that and only saw that one or two years ago.

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Zama is quite a good film but is elevated by a great ending. Found the main body of the film weirdly paced and found the period setting quite cold and hard to get into

No I haven’t seen that or The Conversation which are his only other roles apart from The Godfather films. Will have to take some time out and give it a look.

Oh yeah, he was in The Conversation. That’s great too.

Gene Hackman’s excellent and there’s a hell of a support cast there too.


Oh wow had no idea this had Gene Hackman, Harrison Ford, and Robert Duvall as well. Sign me up! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie with Hackman that I didn’t like…

Cindy Williams was in The Conversation too. I won’t be rude and ask your age but growing up in the 80s I remember Laverne and Shirley very well as a kid. (It has the best theme music of any comedy show.) Her co-star Penny Marshall directed Big.

Anyway…I’m digressing, it’s a usual fault of mine. Cindy Williams and Harrison Ford were also in American Graffiti, a George Lucas directed film and produced by Coppola. Not sure if you’ve seen that but it’s very similar to Happy Days without the comedy and also stars Ron Howard and bringing it full circle, Laverne and Shirley was a spin off from Happy Days.

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Can’t say I’ve ever seen an episode of Laverne and Shirley, and I’ve never seen American Graffiti either. L&S and Happy Days are about 20 years before my time :wink:

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American Graffiti is stunning. A brilliant coming of age type film.

Happy Days was always on in the 80s. Spawned a whole load of spin offs like Chachi Loves Joanie, Laverne and Shirley and Mork and Mindy (where Robin Williams really got to go off on tangents and ad lib a hell of a lot within a semi-traditional sitcom). I can concede that those sitcoms probably would seem out of date nowadays but I really like them (exception being Chachi Loves Joanie).

Do try and seek out American Graffiti if you can though.

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Zama is quite a good film but is elevated by a great ending. Found the main body of the film weirdly paced and found the period setting quite cold and hard to get into

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