What Films Have You Been Watching? May Edition

Please continue to talk about how good The Mitchells vs The Machines is (and anything else you have been watching in May) below


Films watched in April:
21 total





Sound of Metal
The Heartbreak Kid (1972)

12 films watched in April, 11 new

Best : Probably Paddington although I had seen bits of it before, it was the first time I sat and watched the whole thing

Worst: Da Vinci Code

Watched Things Heard and Seen last night, first film of May and I’ll be surprised if I see a worse one the rest of the month

Best: Shin Godzilla
Worst: Summer of Sam

Recently watched:

Force Majeure - Been on my watch list for a long time. A father’s fear makes him run away from a mini avalanche leaving his wife to shield their daughter and son alone for a while. No one’s hurt as they just got the spray/cloud end of the avalanche. But trust, insecurities, regret and masculinity is questioned due to his actions or lack of. Brilliant film. It’s length at two hours put me off but it didn’t feel like it. I’ve seen the director’s earlier film Involuntary which was ok and will try and watch The Square which got great reviews but again I’m put off by it’s length at 2½ hours. Will give it a go at some point. This one was great. 8.5/10

When Jeff Tried To Save The World - Jon Heder tries to save the bowling alley he works at. A very warm indie comedy drama where nothing much happens which is it’s strength as it’s a very cosy ride. Heder’s character who’s recovering from a mental health episode is a very relatable man who’s just trying to get by and trying to help those around him. Strong cast include Maya Erskine. Really loved his one. 8/10.

Mom and Dad - Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage in a daft over the top horror. Usually don’t mind these nor Cage being Cage but this one didn’t work for me. 4/10.

An American Pickle - Seth Rogan is an Orthodox Jewish man who falls into a vat of pickles in a Brooklyn pickle factory in 1919 and is preserved for a hundred years after which he wakes up. He tracks down his great grandson also played by Rogan and he opens a pickle business in Williamsburg that’s loved by hipsters. He becomes both famous for his pickles and infamous due to his early 20th century views on early 21st social issues. Weird film. Doesn’t know whether it’s mainly trying to be a comedy or a social satire. It’s all over the place and comes across as Borat on many occasions. I don’t mind Rogan on the whole and he’s ok in this. It’s not a bad film but it’s not good either. 6/10.

Wonder Woman 1984 - A make a wish stone appears at a museum and inevitably causes greed for those that make a wish and eventually trouble for the world.

Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger.

It’s a 2½ hour film and was lacking a bit of action in the middle part of the film. It’s a bit of a cheesy affair overall and the set piece action sequence weren’t great but I’m a big Kristen Wiig fan, Gal Gadot is good and Chris Pine seems to have spent too long in a sunbed and it didn’t seem like a very long film oddly. Should have been a better film but was still fun watchable nonsense. 7/10.


One from the heart

Francis Ford Coppola film from 1982. Quite a strange oddity. Story is a fairly rudimentary break up film, with musical interludes. Tom Waits provides a low key bluesy soundtrack. The real standout is the cinematography/lighting by Vittorio Storaro- lots of bright neons and inventive foregrounding.

Quite enjoyable, in a similar vein to Rumblefush but obviously not as good.


Another thumbs up for The Mitchells Vs The Machines. Don’t think I’ve laughed at anything as much as the furbies in quite some time.


Gamera 2: Attack Of Legion More top quality mid 90s kaiju action. You’ve got to love that someone can decide to make a movie about a giant flying turtle defending the earth from weird alien flowers and bugs (the art designer on Starship Troopers had definitely watched this) and play it completely straight. As I said about the first one in the April thread, it is all the better for not being a CGI crapfest and sticking with (really well done) practical effects. Great fun, I am going to do the third in the trilogy very soon.


Watched: 15
New: 15
Best: The Sound of Metal, The Odd Couple, Palm Springs, Minari
Worst: Pennies from heaven

39 watched in April.

Best: The Furnace and, yes, The Mitchells vs the Machines
Worst: Backfire, a terrible revenge film from 1987. Was also surprised at how shoddy The United States vs Billie Holiday was.

Play and Involuntary by Ostlund are really good as well. I also enjoyed the Force Majeure remake a lot more than other people seemed to

35 in April for me. Top 10:

My Neighbors The Yamadas
Meshes Of The Afternoon (Short)
Belleville Rende-vous
Raising Arizona
I, Tonya
Judas And The Black Messiah
The Gift
Easy A
Long Shot (Short)
Godzilla vs. Kong
Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution

Some recent reviews:

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (Rakuten TV) 3.5/5
:sushi: Lots to love about him and this doc, but elements leave a slight sour taste. So much intrinsic Japanese cultural philosophy about family dynamics and hierarchy comes off as outdated nonsense sadly. Lots to ponder about the devotion needed to master a craft and the sacrifices made in that quest.

Assassination Nation (Netflix) 2.5/5
:us: Found this very tough to rate and write about. Has so many extreme shifts from utter cringe to fascinating ambition, but for the most part very much style over substance with the social commentary strokes so extremely broad. Glad it didn’t go the ‘both sides’ route of The Hunt, but the Purge level fairytale climax could’ve easily been rooted more in a reality. Levinson seemingly only works for me in the setting of Euphoria.

The Man Who Fell To Earth (Talking Pictures TV) 3/5
:earth_asia: A really unique jumbled jigsaw of a thing that loosely ruminates about existence, love, belonging, corruption and exploitation. Bowie is perfectly cast as he emits such an otherworldly aura. Would make a great double bill with Under The Skin.

Philomena (BBC 1) 3/5
:ireland: Sweet, endearing and somewhat moving, but slightly flat and has a few cliched pitfalls. Still, a solidly told story that is emotional and charming in its humour.

Belleville Rendez-Vous (DVD) 4.5/5
:bike: What a twisted blend of the delightful and deranged. The angles and shapes are so wonderfully overly exaggerated and its such a joy to see something working at the extremes. So glad I dusted off the DVD which I’ve probably had for 15 plus years.

Galaxy Quest (Netflix) 4/5
:rocket: So wonderfully well observed and self referential with tongue so firmly in cheek it’s almost bursting through. I got on with this so much more than the Horror lampooning Cabin In The Woods. The casting is absolutely spot on with everyone fully committed and pretty much everything (bar a few ever so slightly dodgy effects) holding up remarkably well. Absolutely perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.


Identifying Features is a film which makes you realise how great cinema can be. The cinematography and visuals are stunning, and the story really grabs you, feel real empathy for the main character

Finding BFI player so hard to use though the amount of buffering is almost unmanageable


20 watched in April
19 new to me (rewatched 2001)
Best: Josie and the Pussycats, Rocky 3
Worst: Hell House LLC

I think Orlando would be the actual best, but only watched half and will have to finish it off asap

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Orlando was great. Loved Tilda Swinton in that.


I had some idea that Lily James wouldn’t answer - albeit very politely - the Guardian’s questions about Dominic West. I had absolutely no idea about her Nan, though.

Last night I watched ‘Don Jon’ AKA the bizarre Joseph Gordon- Levitt (written, directed, starring) from 2013 where he plays a Jersey Shore parody who’s addicted to masturbating. I started off hating everything about it - the style, the accents, the bro-ness. I got into it after about 30 minutes and then almost as quickly lost interest, and were not for a podcast episode I am planning to listen to today, would probably never have watched it. I mark things out of 10, so this gets a 4/10.

Today I watched The Michells vs The Machine. I’ll just echo what everyone else has said: really fun, on the animation spectrum it’s on the side of Into the Spiderverse and throws so much at the screen it’s hard to compare it to any Pixar movie, but it’s that level of quality. Also liked the LGBTQ+ inclusivity as someone mentioned in another thread. It’s rare to find characters in major movies who are LGBTQ+ without that being the sole purpose of their existence, or even a major part.

Other things I really liked: The voice acting is terrific. With the exception of Olivia Colman, I didn’t recognise any of the people doing the voices, which I think is a triumph of finding the ‘right’ voice instead of choosing a famous voice or choosing the make the character look like the actor (two things I don’t like). I was surprised when I looked up who was voicing the dad character afterwards, as I totally didn’t recognise him. I also really liked the dad character - He reminded me of the dad character from The Moquito Coast (the book, not seen either the movie or the miniseries)

It’s also wonderfully all-over-the-place, which I think is the new in-house style for Sony (or at least what Lord and Miller are doing) and although I think there was probably one set-piece too many towards the climax, this gets an 8/10 bordering on 9/10

Also, some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments. I’ve had a chest infection for the last five days so watching this, as well as going through all of This Time and Mid Morning Matters for the first time. I’ve been putting my body through hell laughing at Alan Partridge and this.

If anyone knows how these films manage to do it, let me know. But is there a reason why I feel more emotional or ‘feel’ something in animated movies than in anything live action I’ve seen recently. I think the closest I’ve come in a live action movie was near the end of The Father, but that wasn’t even close to this, or Soul.


I got an obvious thrill of her character yelling at someone called Mark. :sweat_smile:


This is gonna be my film of the year

The Night Comes For Us was brilliant and extremely bloody and the fights scenes put all western films to shame and it finished with a Low song which was entirely unexpected but also perfectly fitting

If you like The Raid or Oldboy or John Wick then you gotta see this