What Films Have You Been Watching? May Edition


I only watch films with wordy titles now.

Love An American Werewolf, why hadn’t I seen it before? 4/5

Final Fantasy shite 1/5

The Man With Two Brains v v funny 4/5

Can’t remember the last time I hated a film as much as My Octopus Teacher.
It makes you dumber for having watched it.

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Me, last summer*

*that would be a great name for a film

I didn’t mind it but must have been the weakest film to win the best documentary Oscar for many years or even decades.

Recently watched:

Happily - Kerry Bishé and Joel Mchale (who I presume had it in his contract to go shirtless, you sexy man) are a extremely happily married couple of 14 years. Maybe they’re in love too much and it’s a bit weird. Then they have a dead body to deal with too and a couples weekend away at a house that’s a bit too idyllic.
A dark comedy that has a feel where it takes place in a slightly alternate reality. Perhaps not for everyone but worked for me despite a weak ending. 7/10.

The Mitchells vs The Machines - Thought it was good enough but didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped to. 6/10.

Blockers - Thought this was brilliant. Reminded me of films like Hall Pass and other warm hearted and purile comedies done really well. Cena didn’t suck. 8.5/10.


Thinking about it, Hall Pass was 90% purile and 10% warm hearted…but surprisingly very good.

Watched Robin Hood: Men In Tights this evening. I dare you to name a better comedy, still a classic.


cute octopus go brrrr (i liked the cute octopus)

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Watched The Hitman’s Bodyguard last night after learning that most of the Amsterdam scenes take place literally across the road from our flat.

One of the most confused films I’ve ever seen; clearly written as a straight-up, John Wick style R-Rated action film and then hastily re-written once it had been cast. They just went through putting bad jokes in the scenes with SLJ and Ryan Reynolds and left the rest alone meaning the tone is all over the place. Great cast, mostly wasted doing self-parodies. That said, it distracted me for 2 hours and the various chase scenes were a lot fun.

I’m almost tempted to watch the sequel to see if they manage to actually hit the target with a script written for its cast, but it’s also getting to the point where it’s very difficult to suspend disbelief to the point of accepting a 72-year-old man as a building-leaping action hero

Also watched Nobody at the weekend and really didn’t know what to make of it. Think it might be a satire of the kind of film it also unironically is? Need to rewatch it a bit more sober

i watched What About Bob? last night and I am now convinced that even I am funnier than Bill Murray. absolute shite, even Dreyfuss couldn’t redeem it.

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I really enjoyed it but you’re right about the weak ending. It was very “film school student”.

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Just watched the documentary Made You Look on Netflix.

All about a load of fake paintings at the Knoedler gallery in NY and quite fascinating / amusing when they are all digging at each other.

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Clerks 2/5 not for me thank you

Crumb 5/5 fuuuuuuuuck me. absolutely fascinating. glad it was on Ebert’s Great Movies list of I’d never have watched it.


gets more shocking and weird as it goes on, which is impressive considering how shocking and weird the opening is. madness

A Goofy Movie - 3/5
A surprisingly touching film about a father/son cow duo

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Got myself this as a birthday present last week. Only watched the first one so far. It’s a lot less silly than some of the later ones.


I really want this

Just finished watching this, absolutely brilliant. Grabbed me immediately and didn’t let go. God I hope I get to see it in a cinema eventually.

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It’s an exceptionally beautiful object!

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Literally just finished watching this too. I heartily endorse all these sentiments. It’s a visual knockout and properly horrible.


Yeah same, absolutely loved it. Will definitely be wanting to see it on a big screen as I think it will be a whole different experience