What Films Have You Been Watching? November 2021

let’s talk about films that aren’t horrors again for a change


Watched : 15 (12 new)
Rewatched: Cannibal Holocaust, Suspiria, Halloween (2018)
Best : Judas and the Black Messiah, Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Worst : Halloween Kills

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Watched 9. All new to me.

Best was Nobody Knows

Worst was The Matrix 3: The Revolutions

Watched: 9
Rewatched: The Muppets, The Muppets Most Wanted
Best: The Muppets ones
Worst: Dune, The Greatest Show on Earth

Watching The Lost Weekend today or tomorrow and then I’ll have seen every Best Picture winner. Ending on a high I’m sure, I love Wilder.

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Excited levels for Matrix 4?

Watched The Farewell on Friday, which is a really great film.

Today I watched Shang-Chi in the morning at the flicks then we had a family watch of Temple of Doom which is actually very much a Halloween film, all things considered.

Still very much the joint worst Indy film and it’s still hilarious to me that people who were okay with this one snark on about “nuking the fridge” as if it was the first time Indy films completely ignored physics.

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They should have just stuck with calling it “Dune”. Adding that ‘greatest show’ bit is raising expectations far too high.


The wachowskis aren’t happy with me. That’s OK, I’ll still keep watching that garbage!

(will aim not to watch it but inevitably will in a few years)

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Watched 7, all new:

Best - You’ve Got Mail
Worst - Chain Reaction

18 watched, all new.

Best: Dune, Born in Flames.
Worst: Deadly cuts.

Aw no, I was excited for this based on Kermode’s review and the clip I heard

That was the reason I went to see it! No idea what he saw in it, didn’t laugh once.

Watched: 42(!)
Rewatches: 3

Top 5 first watches:
Cold War (2018) 5/5
One Cut Of The Dead (2017) 5/5
The Help (2021) 4.5/5
A Touch Of Sin (2013) 4.5/5
Dune (2020) 4.5/5

I’m continuing with some horror in Nov and catching up with some 2021 releases.

The Harder They Fall (3rd) Netflix
The Last Forrest (7th) Netflix
Passing (10th) Netflix
Touch The Sound (12th) Netflix
The Night House
Last Night In Soho
Petite Maman
The Card Counter
The Eternals
Shang Chi
The French Dispatch

Fell asleep at the cinema watching The French Dispatch. The last time I did that was during Star Wars Episode 3, but I’d say FD was a marginally better film.

Usually a massive fan of young Wesley’s work, but I just… didn’t care about any of them? Watched the first Fear Street film, which was fine and quite fun in a nonsense way

Is Fay Grim worth finishing? Halfway through and stopping now as I’m tired, dunno if i cba watching tbe rest

hadn’t been to the cinema since last December but went 4 times in one week recently

saw the Dinosaur Jr and Velvet Underground documentaries, The French Dispatch, and Arracht - an Irish language film set during the famine involving a man on the run for a crime he didn’t commit, which was very bleak but good.

enjoyed all of them.

also finally watched Prevenge the other night for Halloween. v good.


Watched some real goodies in October: Whisper of the Heart, The Empty Man, Raya and the Last Dragon, Sicario, Saint Maud but the best was DUNE (2021) in the IMAX. Holy fuck.

Think it might have ruined cinema for me. Can’t face the prospect of The French Dispatch or Last Night in Soho. Was hoping to ease back in with The Seven Samurai but the screen timings don’t work out. Settled on Azor which is meant to be good

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Last Night in Soho was fine. It was better than I expected but it dragged a lot for someone known for their fast paced editing

Thanks everyone for the feedback, wasted a further hour watching that shite

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Going to watch French Dispatch tomorrow on a first date, not really expecting to like it

  • try to be nice about the film even if it’s bad
  • be honest even if it means souring the mood of the evening

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Praise the lighting, ultimate backhanded compliment