What Films Have You Been Watching? September 2021

watched Raw last night to respect the wishes of the poll in the last thread - ooft. More thoughts to come!


Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Raw.

Loved that film.

Seen in August- 9
Rewatches- 0
Best- The Vietnam War, Marty, Going My Way
Worst- F9, Cimmaron, Broadway Melody

Trying to watch the last dozen or so Best Picture winners and christ there’s a lot of shite.

Just the following left, looking forward to The Lost Weekend and You Can’t Take It With You.


Watched : 12
New : 9
Rewatched : Bring It On, Raising Arizona, Jennifer’s Body
Best : Dark City, Angel Heart
Worst : Hellraiser (was a good month!)


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Watched some utter, utter tripe last month

12 watched
1 rewatch
Best - sound of metal (by default)
Worst - lego batman, matrix reloaded, bad trip


Watched 47 (although only 2 at the cinema)
Best: I See a Dark Stranger (1946), The Sparks Brothers
Worst: Barb & Star go to Vista Del Mar (although I had to turn it off after about half an hour as it was so bad)

I really really hated Bad Trip

Yeah it’s dreadful

Watched: 6
Best: Harlequin: Birds of Prey

My film game has been dire this summer. Too much sport on I reckon


Dark City is really great though, feel like it should be more widely known


Yeah I didn’t understand the adulation. Not even in a so bad it’s good way…

oh I enjoyed it plenty, I just didn’t love it. And it was up against tough competition that month - next “worst” film was probably SLC Punk or Censor!

Black Bear was a kind of car crash that you couldn’t look away from kinda film! Full of passive aggression, twisted words and mind games. Helluva performance from Aubrey Plaza, really memerising! Christopher Abbott was pretty great too despite his character being rather odious.


Quite liked this (despite being maybe too tired for everything going on) and enjoyed thinking about my thoughts on how the first and second part related to one another

I’d first thought that the first part was the final scene of the film from the second part, which we were meant to see in a new light given the behind the scenes stuff. My assumption now is that she’s writing that first part based on various experiences from the second

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Read the threads, read them and understand them

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Yeah it feels like the kind of thing streaming services should love as it would generate a bunch of reappraisals / press pieces about it being a “lost classic” or whatever.

(Although please only the Directors Cut, without the opening narration that spoils loads of the movie)

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Had to go buy it off youtube too, think the version on Prime /other super legal options was always the theatrical cut

Watched the intro with the voiceover too, way to undermine all the mystery and suspense in your own film!

i watched Knowing tonight starring Nicolas Cage, and you know what, I really liked it. very silly film pretending to be very serious but it was just sort of great?! i demand hollywood start giving Alex Proyas money again!