What films have you started and given up on?

‘In the role of a lifetime’


That 13 hour French film (Out 1). I’m never going to finish it. I’m surprised I even made it past the first hour, but I don’t think I got as far as anything interesting enough to make me watch another 10 hours, so probably gave up somewhere in the third hour.

A film festival near me had a screening of ‘Out 1 - part 1’ but not the rest of it. I couldn’t figure out who the intended audience for that would be.

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I’ve seen all of that but it very much became a watch for the achievement (lol) rather than enjoying it

Does it develop into any kind of cohesive narrative? All I remember is a ludicrously long opening of people rehearsing for a play and then some scenes in a restaurant / cafe where some guy is trying to con people out of money by playing a mouth organ badly. I think I only got that far because I torrented the thing and I wasn’t sure if ‘part three’ (or four, can’t remember) was either mislabelled and was the wrong part, of of the next part basically deviated to the point that I had no idea what was going on, if I ever did in the first place.

yeah it does tie together in the end, the play rehearsals are a bit pointless and drag on though but it does make sense but it’s not massively interesting really

Out 1 (as mentioned for reasons above)

Shoah (think I watched the first few hours and then couldn’t really hack another several hours of unrelenting bleakness)


Not as many as I should have.

Hitman’s Bodyguard, I couldn’t be fucked with at all.

I highly recommend his performance of Joe Orton in Prick Up Your Ears. An amazing performance in an excellent film biopic.

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Don’t think I’ve given up on a film. Parasite took me about 4 goes due to distractions while watching.